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A Long Overdue Review for a Life Changing Experience

  • Frogge
  • 02/01/2019 08:53 PM

Quest Twilight Prince Prophecy Chronicles by MALIOBORO AND YAMIJEAN DO NOT STEAL
Length: ~20 minutes

I need me a boyfriend like this.

I'm not even gonna beat around the bush with this one. Quest Twilight Prince Prophecy Chronicles is undoubtedly the best game on the entire site. Yes, I see the irony in the actual best game on the site not actually being an rpg maker game. But honestly, does any other game even come close? Let's look at my other 5 star reviews. Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass? Lol, get out of here, I gave you 5 stars but had issues with your story. Aria's Story? Nothing that hasn't been done before. No. Out of every game I have ever given 5 stars, Quest Twilight Prince is actually the most deserving of it.

I was first introduced to this absolute masterpiece on one of Liberty's streams. When she said she would be streaming a visual novel, I kind of felt like leaving the stream. I wasn't a huge visual novel fan and I absolutely wasn't interested enough to stick around to watch one. However, I made the best decision I have made in my entire life - I stayed and watched her play it. And this is how it all began. It was love at first sight. From the first five minutes of this game, I knew this was the game deserving of the highest rating I could possibly give a game on the site. I'm not one to recommend games I play to other people in real life because I generally have a feeling they won't like it, but Quest Twilight Prince is literally the only game on this site that I've gone out of my way to recommend to multiple people. I first replayed it with my cousin (who unfortunately wasn't a fan, the tasteless dickhead), but it's fine, because then I got my best fried to play it, and we still quote this game all the fucking time. I also got a bunch of people from rmn to play it, including Kloe who I also still quote this game with occasionally, alongside the other masterpiece that is Twilight Oni (if you like Quest Twilight Prince, you absolutely owe it to yourself to play Twilight Oni).

You literally have no idea how many times I've actually quoted this line in real life.

What is Quest Twilight Prince, you ask? Besides the best game on the site, I mean. Well, Quest Twilight Prince is a gritty, mysterious fantasy visual novel. Not really, it's a fucking shitpost game and it's a fucking amazing one at that. I've always been one to enjoy shitpost games a lot, but while I laugh myself off at most of them while playing, I kinda forget they exist soon enough. So what is it about Quest Twilight Prince that made it stick around in my heart for so long?

For one, it's downright fucking hilarious. While most shitpost games have me laughing a couple times, the first time I watched Liberty play the game, I could not STOP laughing. Every single line in this game got a chuckle out of me, and still continues to do so. Actually, fuck chuckles, the first time I was watching Libby play, I shit you not, I had water in my mouth that I spilled all over the fucking place, and I laughed so hard I had to hold my stomach which started to hurt.

For how short this game is, I legit have a special place in my heart for every single character here. Literally all of them. I've watched blockbusters made with millions of dollars, written by actual experts that couldn't make me like any of their characters as much as Quest Twilight Prince did in a 20 minute span. Ebert is the general fan favorite, which is well justified, but I simply cannot ignore how much they all add to this game. And one thing that really helps is actually one of the best parts of this game - the voice acting. Holy fuck, the voice acting in this game is the literal best. All jokes aside, the voice actors in this game do such a legit spectacular job at making every single line funny. Never in my life did I think I would be laughing at the life "ARE YOU GAY? NOOOOOOOOO" as much as I did thanks to Donna's voice actor. Never in my life did I expect to laugh at rape jokes, but I literally could not contain myself thanks to the spectacular combined works of everyone on the cast.

Are you sure, Herald? Are you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sure?

Now, of course, a visual novel generally has great visuals. I mean, it's in the name. Quest Twilight Prince is no exception. The top notch CG art that's totally consistent and actually fits the scenes, the busts that totally look like their CG counterparts, everything in this game is a delight to look at. And do you see the other word in the title? It's not vel, it's not no, it's novel! A visual novel should have a good story, and Quest Twilight Prince literally sets the standart for storytelling, not only for visual novels, but for all sorts of media. I've already mentioned that this game has one of the best casts in the history of anything ever, but it also has a story filled with twists and turns all the way throughout. The tension every time Mario Jenkins fights his twin Ebert Lightsaber (don't question the surname difference)... Man, I literally feel that shit in my bones.

But no, seriously, Quest Twilight Prince is a game I am very attached to emotionally. I'm not even joking when I say I've replayed this game a gazillion times, and still find it funny to this day. I also wasn't joking when I mentioned how I still quote this game on a daily basis with my best friend. I get a huge sense of nostalgia playing this game as I remember staying up until 6 am to watch Liberty play it, trying to contain my laughter so that I don't wake up my brother and father in the next room over. I remember laughing at it again when I recommended it to people on Slack and they live shared their experiences and I could hardly contain my laughter at their reactions again. This game will forever, undoubtedly have a special place in my heart. Dear Twilight Quest, thank you sincerely for being such an actual, crucial part of my sense of humour. You might just be a 20 minute shitpost game, but you're the best 20 minute long shitpost game in existance.

I give Quest Twilight Prince a shining five twilight DVDs out of five.

But you're tempting me so much!