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Do you like the internet funny? If so, then welcome to the game and get ready to have yourself a big fat guffah. If you're not a fan of shitpost tumblr teh rand0m shenanigans, skip to score.

This game is 100% fandom-inspired hyperactive questing material from which all future stories have been written. It's an Ouroboros with yelps of pain between each tail munch. It is a snake looking on into the weekend... but gawdam if that title screen ain't the boopin'-est shit I done ever heard.

what I wrote down in my review notes

It's a pretty welcome introduction to a game, regardless of quality. This had to have been my favorite part of the whole experience looking back, but this is only the beginning, so I should probably go into detail about what happens later.

For how random this game is, I'm surprised they didn't actually have the main character leap from the balcony to be revived by one of the handsome fellas they get to choose to love at the end. This is where the game is true to the romance visual novel genre: you get to choose who you love by the end - and the end comes abruptly when you're reading dialogue but skipping the voice acting because it's grating! I know the purpose was to be "whoa so random lel", but it's just not funny to an adult ear. If you're a teenager then sure, it's gonna be funny, but as an adult, it's just juvenile... but that's how the internet is - it's not meant to be genius, it's supposed to be "0mg rand0m!"

That's okay, because not everyone is going to like it and I sure didn't.

It really is hard to talk about this game because the plot is completely inconsequential. It's meant to be humorous throughout, so the battles that take place are immediately gone back on and everyone just shouts for half an hour about shitnobodycaresabout. There's literally nothing that makes this visual novel novel-esque other than that there's words spattered about.

Review Notes:
Start Up

Headbang while driving
What is love.gif

voice acting = ear carnage

TQPCP1: cuz I'm gonna jump




It's a really short venture with okay humor throughout and numerous mentions of the title and credits (about half the game is this alone). I can't recommend it unless you know for a fact that you're into this sort of thing. Let this be the judge:

Lol? Then play. No? Avoid.

(also how I imagine things went down in the sound booth)


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I tend to respect other people's opinions on games because i respect that not everyone will enjoy the same things and people are allowed to have different tastes

but how dare you
What he said.

Also, the plot of the game was based off a specific manga, which, if you didn't know the manga, you probably won't get very well (because it's not communicated well), but still, GOTY 2014 will live on in all the hearts of those who like fun!
This review hurt my soul so much that I had to go rewatch Libby's LP to regain my Twilight Wings.

OK CAN!!!!!!!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Oh no, the joke game wasn't funny to everyone.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Oh no, the joke game wasn't funny to everyone.

That's okay, because not everyone is going to like it and I sure didn't.

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