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The Vendor - The future

So you've helped the heroes as a Vendor, and you wonder: what's next? Soon, you'll be able to be the Heroe- I'm joking. I had to borrow that one, outcry312: too funny to pass up!

After winning the Humble Bundle Choice award in the IGMC2014 contest, I was contacted by Degica where they asked me if I was willing to go commercial with the game. As a one man "indie" (or maybe living room developer is more appropriate?), my first and foremost concern is retaining my creative freedoms and rights to my game. After emailing back and forth for a while, it turned out to be a really good offer that will benefit the further development of the game greatly. I will get help with things like testing and custom assets, as well as publishing; I will be able to publish the game to way more channels and devices than I could ever hope for alone, while I retain complete control over the game and all the rights to it.

Now before I go on, I'd like to address the fact that some of you will probably find "going commercial" to sound like "selling out". But the details are important, and it's also important to stress that making games is -- as many of you no doubt know intimately from personal experience -- very hard work. I need some help, and getting that help for free only gets you so far. The benefits of signing up with Degica for publishing and assistance are many, and by taking a load off my shoulders (meaning more time for actually developing the game) and enabling me to polish the game up to a higher standard altogether, it's a great deal.

It does however mean that a new and improved The Vendor will be a commercial game with a pricetag attached. However, I still remain 100% in charge, and the development work all falls on me as before. It remains my game entirely, and I'll make absolutely sure it's worthy of the money asked!

I want to also mention a few things I have planned to do with the game now that I'll expand on it. There will be a separate post with way more details soon, but for now I can share the following rough outlines:

  • Item stats should not be vague or hidden. In fact, I'd like to remove "stats" and focus on attributes instead: heavy, light, sharp, blunt, elemental, etc. The core gameplay of figuring out what works best while earning as much money as possible on selling it remains, but I want it to be more logical. But I want there to be room for experimentation; there should be an inherent risk/reward relationship where trying out things outside of the "safe zone" could potentially yield great reward.
  • Combat summary will be visualized when the heroes tell you how it went around the campfire. The reason isn't just that it'll be more fun to watch, but also that the hints as to what went right or wrong can be made clearer without spoon feeding it through extensive text dialogue. This was the original plan -- and there is actually some code for it already in place -- but it had to be cut due to time constraints.
  • A more interesting ingredient system. While it's fun to squash wall-nuts with your fists, I would like to find a better way to solve the dilemma of "if the player goes broke, how will they get back on their feet?".
  • Improved trading system.
  • A bestiary that automatically logs hints and tips you gather. This is one heavily requested feature which I'm very happy to implement.

Obviously I will also add more areas to explore, and more stuff overall, but I also have to be careful not to let the project spiral completely out of creative control now that there's not a super strict deadline. Rest assured that I've listened to every single piece of feedback I've gotten so far, and I'm taking it all into consideration when going forward.

And on that note I'd like to again thank everyone who played the game so far, and a double thank you to everyone who shared their feedback with me: it's been invaluable!

Thanks for reading, and see you next update~


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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Congratulations, and yes I thought this might be the news. It's not selling out, it's selling something you've made and put your hard work into, those are different things. I wish you luck and I look forward to seeing the new improved and updated version when it's ready. One thing, will you remove the free version that is currently available? I imagine Degica would probably not wish for there to be an alternative version available, even if it has less content.

Really glad you are updating the bestiary though, that sorely needed it.

Good luck.
Thank you. I'm not sure on that yet, actually. What I've been tinking I'd like to do is update the free version with the new features and make it into the demo for the full game: I think that could work out nicely. I definitely am going to have a demo, because personally I'm a big fan of trying out games before I buy, and a good demo is always appreciated by me.
Oh, it's not selling out. It's an opportunity! Realistically, if you want to make games with your time(like me), you'd want to earn money to survive so... good that you got the support!

As for the paying: when I'm interested in a game I tend to want to buy it, honestly. Like my favorite indie developer, over on fig hunter, I would totally throw money at him cause his games are just... perfect. It's not a fanboy thing, I just find the game worthy, know what I mean? Now... make the game cost a lot of money, say, 30 dollars, well... I can't afford to throw money at everything... Eh, perhaps I shouldn't be going into this detail I suppose, but my comparison is relevant because I would totally buy the Mardek series on steam... because I've played over 50 hours worth of it... more than that, over on kongregate for free. So I think a demo(they were full games, and his reboot is free apparently as well to get his name out there again, but either way) is a real good thing to have.

BUT I've decided not to support you, because I really wanted to play as that thief guy. Hell, that thief guy carried the game for me, totally not any of the gameplay or anything. Nope... none of my current ideas were inspired by the design of the vendor gameplay... nope... Traditional RPG elements for every game, I say...

Totally supporting you still, by the way.
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