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"That was stupid" said Deisha

Hello players, secretaries, office workers, whatever...
This game called Office of Weirdness was made by Lucis with RPG Maker VX in 2014, and it's an advanture puzzle game...
... with dark surreal overtones, but nothing really horror since there are no jumpscares nor monsters, just the horror of a weird office!

The game starts asking to the player how good is with puzzles, then the game starts with our protagonist, Deisha, arriving at the Office of Weirdness with an unusual request, but, as everyone knows, bureaucracy is hell on earth! It won't help much that Deisha's brother works there, because in this grotesque scenario nothing is simple! Absolutely nothing!

The game, as I wrote before, it's a puzzle game adventure in the sense that includes different tasks to complete and offices floors to explore. And speaking of exploring you will probably immediately notice the first BIG problem: our Deisha is EXTREMELY slow when she walks, and that's really annoying in my opinion, since she'll have to walk around a lot inside large empty halls. But WAIT! I later noticed that Deisha has some special skills, Run, Hurry Up, Slow Down and Waiting. Guess what? These can be used to change Deisha's speed from Full Speed, Fast, Slow and... Slower than a Turtle. Why I should use one of these two last modes is beyond me, anyway if you want you can, the important thing is that if you found the introductive part too slow, here's the option to speed things up! Ok and if you need to save? Well this can be done speaking to the persons (secretaries?) you will find in the information booths of the various floors, that are all dramatically identical except for the colors.

Sure... that's SO exciting! Really... thank you for the good time!

Since I mentioned the colors, let's talk of the graphics: the game uses full original assets, all characters also have various portraits with different expressions, I mean even those characters that you can avoid have a face! The aestetic is probably the best aspect of this game since it creates a surreal and creepy world that has a sense despite its absurdity. All the people are creepy and gaunt, like they were stretched. The setting is also peculiar and sinister, just look at the trees in the park, for example!

And yes, this was the best part: the rest is rather meh, for example there are lots of typos and errors (the author seems to be polish, since there is still trace of some polish words), the custom music isn't bad but sometimes it's mixed with the sounds (two tracks that runs at the same time) creating an annoying cacophony. Sigh. Well, maybe was intended, since the game is set in an annoying place full of annoying people!
Oh wait, and the gameplay? Ehm... annoying? Seriously there are some tasks I hated like traversing a room avoiding some moving lights (no game over, but you have to start from the beginning!), counting the people inside a park (yohooo exciting!), and others I won't mention. Try, I dare you! Oh and this game has four different endings that can be obtained, and I'm sure that they'll give you more questions than answers.

Ok, ok, but please stay calm! I've already finished this review...

The Final Verdict
What more can I say of Office of Weirdness? It's clearly a game that was spawned by a good idea, but the final realization is pretty much mediocre, aside for the peculiar surreal graphics. It's not a bad game, but it's not an enjoyable one either (story is obscure and unclear, tasks and puzzles are not that fun), it's pretty much a chore, and if this was the aim of the developer (to make a joke game, I mean!) it's successful!
So should you play this game? "That was stupid" said Deisha, and she was right! Lot of weirdness, little fun!