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(This game's storyline is going through constant revision.)

God chooses only the pious to lead His great work. In this land filled with legend and lore, there are no righteous people. There are only those who are willing to do good, and those who oppose those willing to do good.

The world is at peace, for now. There are no conflicts between nations, no wars or rumors of wars. But tensions are growing as a dark cult, known only as the Conclave, tighten their grip on the Deratian kingdom.

You are Ezra, a high-ranked officer in a Mercenary's Guild. You and your best friend/colleague, Reuve, embark on a mission contracted by the Conclave to search the mines of a small mining town in the Deratian continent. What you find in those mines, however, puts the fate of the world in your hands.

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Demo Revised, read!

I re-released the demo. It'll be available for download as soon as the RMN admins approve. This time around though, I put up two separate downloads, one with the RTP files needed, and one without. Makes life easier for some of y'all out there.

This re-release of the demo fixes alot of things that were bothering me. The previous release was rushed a bit in order to comply with RS!VII, but now that it's been a few weeks, I decided to trim it up a bit. Revised a good portion of the dialogue, completely re-evaluated the difficulty and balancing, changed a few mechanics, even added a new dungeon at the end. So, if you've already downloaded this game, download it again today! It has changed significantly.

Love you all.
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  • 08/03/2008 06:46 AM
  • 05/03/2019 08:07 AM
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Very interesting use of map design, not in the sense of GOOD looking ones, but in terms of navigation.
Darken: Thanks.. ? I think!
But yeah, I'm definitely more trying to gear towards dungeon layout as opposed to map aesthetics. But that might change... mmhmm.
very nice map layouts.
look really good!
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
I like this game. I don't know how much is RTP and how much is custom because I haven't tried VX, but the way you lay out the tiles makes a lot of sense. Especially in the first training area, the areas are visually pleasing. The tileset for the first dungeon is nothing spectacular but is sensible (my only mapping gripe is that the direction you have to go to access the water-level switch doesn't look like a door, so I was wandering around before I realized I could go that way). The dropping puzzle was very cool and the use of shadows and backgrounds is awesome. Battles are nothing special so far, I haven't noticed a big enough difference in damage to care which weapon type I'm using, but I'm sure it'll be more pronounced later.

The statue moving puzzle was a great idea. I had a similar plan for one of my dungeons, except it used two statues in the same room instead of in separate areas. Very cool, well done. Here's what shot me down: I was so psyched about beating the statue puzzle, I went right into the next room without saving or getting the chest. I saw them of course, but an event took over and it was too late to backtrack. The boss delivers an acceptable challenge (I like the healing idea) but he confused both of my characters AT THE SAME TIME. I watched as they slowly killed each other. Having missed the save point, I have to start over.

Only suggestions at this point: 1.) Make the door to the boss room further down so the chest and save point stand out. 2.) Maybe remove the confusion effect for the first boss. There's no item to heal it that I found, and I was probably stuck damaging myself for a solid dozen or so turns. Being blinded is bad enough.
Okay, that's 2 for 2 that have told me the confusion effect was too much. I never had a problem with it playtesting it myself, but I definitely don't want that happening to anyone else.

And I did automatically trigger the boss myself once, was a one time thing but I didn't think much of it... but wouldn't be a big deal to fix!

Thank you much for the comments. Game swap = excellent idea.
Bug notice: Returning to Hurst, I did some extra exploring. I went back into the mine where the whole mess began and it started raining again (an effect I don't think you intended) and now I'm being rained on while in the caves on the way to Vask.

It was sort of lame that I went to the item/armor store and there was nothing to buy that I hadn't already found.

Kudos on that Fire, Water, Earth puzzle, you've got some great ideas.
Last bug: I was stuck on the ladder. Since the char automatically climbs up and down ladders, when an enemy blocked my progress on the way, I was locked there and had to restart the game. You might want to consider changing the char graphic, but letting the player manually move up and down the ladder.

Really good demo, wish I could've used Quinn for longer since he is clearly the best of the three. But this demo was out in '08? You never wanted to finish it?
I hope it is as good as it looks!!! Looks really good. Gonna try and download it now
I kinda have gotten stuck... What do you do at the bit with the moving bridge???
For a RMVX demo it has a pretty small size, good job.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I have just started to play this and intend to review it.

This seems like a pretty classic, old-school kind of RM game. The kind I haven't played in ages.
I have just started to play this and intend to review it.

This seems like a pretty classic, old-school kind of RM game. The kind I haven't played in ages.

It was the first thing I had released after about a six year hiatus from RPG Making. Lots of things need to be fixed. It won't blow yer socks off or anything, but I do hope you enjoy.
I'm stuck. I was looking everywhere, but still cannot find a key to room after moving bridge. Please help.

P.S. nevermind I've found key already. But am stuck here....

It says jump. But I cannot do that.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
so um....what??


Subbed and downloading, ya better finish before I do :)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
oh my, I got frozen.....and not the Disney kind :(

You can't save before, I assume, leaving the building.
When I went to the second floor to speak with the rookies :) I first walked up behind the bald guy who was training. I hit enter to find out what he would say.
He bragged about his ability and the game froze :( From what I could tell, he was the only one who broke my game :)
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