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Screaming about Ice Cream

  • Ebeth
  • 10/13/2014 09:34 PM

I don't have excellent software so the quality on the video isn't the highest. You'll be able to see it better if you watch it over on Youtube. Also headphones may be needed to hear me speak.

A summary of the story:
In With Sprinkles you play as Vanilla as you go hand out invitations and pick up supplies for ... uh you actually can't remember what it was. You nerd.
It's your birthday!

The good:
  • Custom graphics that are very cute and original! All the NPCs have unique looks and animation and the cotton candy world it is set in is lovely as well.

  • Awesome character designs and character portraits! And a really pretty CG.

  • Nice dialogue and story- It isn't anything special, but it is still sweet and smile worthy.

  • I also really liked when:
    You get lifted up my balloons and have to navigate through the sky, it really struck me as unique and something I hadn't seen in an rpgmaker game before.

The bad:

  • Text is often incredibly difficult to read since there is a shadow behind it.

  • Line breaks are often spaced really weirdly.

  • Several small tile-set glitches.

In conclusion: With Sprinkles is a very cute game that is definitely worth 20 min's of your time; however it could really use some polish.


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Oh come on! You gotta rate it. Based on what you said, sounds like it deserves at least 4 stars. I've seen people say more negative things and end up giving the game 5 stars.

Good job anyways. You clearly loved the art xD

The related videos that youtube suggests afterwards is kinda creepy.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
It was my first review so I was really indecisive about rating it. I guess I'm also a kind of harsh rater too? Like there is only maybe 4 games I've played that I'd give a 5 stars on.

Honestly I'd probably give With Sprinkles 3 stars, just because of the text spacing/ reading issues and typos. I'm a total sucker for cute art and characters though so I was able to power through those issues, but I can easily see someone with less patience/tolerance for that sorta thing just quitting or being more irritated with the game as a whole. If the author ever fixed all those issues I'd probably bump up my hypothetical rating to 3 1/2 or 4 stars. (I'm actually considering asking the author if they want me to go in and fix all that stuff cause I easily could and I'd really like to see this game reach its full potential.)

*checks to see what the related videos are*

...huh those are weird.
I'm not noticing any spacing issues. Not the usual major 2k3 one. If there are any spacing issues, it's likely to be the engine's fault. It forces monospacing, so thin letters like i will always produce uneven spacing. The readability is definatley an issue with that message box background and words over portaits.

I dunno, I find those kinds of issues less impacting when you play more and more 2k3 games. You realize that they're all kinda like that because the engine is crap. But hey, it's your review.

Still...you should rate it 3 stars! That's the big reason we all want more reviews. To have less games with an N/A rating. Be a pal and give the creator more MS :P
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
Okay okay, I give in. It has stars now! More makerscore for everyone!

Oh by spacing I don't mean the spaces between the letters I mean like text covering character portraits, as you noted, or

"text written like

when it could easily be:

"text written like this"

If that makes sense. I probably should have used a different word to describe it >.<
Oh ok, maybe use the term "line breaks" or something hah

For some of those line breaks, is it possible that the creator would cut a line off around the spot where a portrait would be shown? So as not to have words on top of them(and missing a few)? They seem to do it even when there is no portrait, but that does mean they are consistent with the line breaks. I didn't see every line of text, so it's just a casual observation.

Either way, keep spreading the lovemakerscore.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
Yeah I decided I was being too harsh so I bumped it up to 3 1/2 instead of 3. :P

Yeah the inconsistency was what struck me as weird. I understand why they did it w/ character portraits! I didn't have an issue with that, just when it covered the portraits, or when it did it when there was no portrait there. And the term line breaks is better. I'll go fix that.

Perhaps I'm still being too harsh and should bump it up to a 4?

Ugh how do you maintain a nice balance when you rate things

Regardless I will keep on spreading the makerscore!
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