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Apparently, RMTool (a utility that scans your game and informs you of missing files), MISSED a file. Its not a problem though, just download this image:


and this one:


and put it in your RTP's "Backdrop" folder


Just to remind you again people, THERE IS A PATCH FOR THIS GAME. You can get it here:


Also download this file:


And put it in your RTP > CHARSET Folder! Hopefully that reduces emails I get, because this patch fixes all the problems people usually outline.


A long time ago, before RM2K3 came out (Or at least I didn't know about it) I was making a game for myself for fun called Final Fantasy Dreams. It was a Text Adventure game I was making in C++. At the time I didn't know about RM2K or 2K3 and when I found out, it opened a whole new door for me.


A mysterious cave which was located on the furthest reaches of the world. The very mention of the cave sparked the interest of every adventurer, every scientist, and every archaeologist. However, the cave refused
to accept visitors, for nobody ever came back. Except for one man who did. A man who came back blind and deaf, but able to speak, carrying a message...

Beware the man with the eye, and the voice, of God.

Immediately, the appearance of four "Crystal Towers" ended the "Whispering Cave" era. Until two friends decided to go to the place now called...

The Paradise of God

They know that a tough journey lies ahead of them. They don't know how they will get there. Yet they are
willing to discover the secrets. The answers all lie within. And the only way to find out.....is to go.


Steal System - Basically most FF's

Bushido System - FFX Style, WITH timers IN the DBS

Limit Break System - FF7 Style, More damage = Faster filling bars

Summon - FFX Style summon system with over 500 frame animations

Gil Toss System - Like FF5

Blue Magic - Kinda like FF9 and last but not least

Kamikaze System - FF8 Style.

Auto-Phoenix - As seen in FFX

Lots of sidequests and optional bosses, some of which the average player will never even find.


So you see, my main mission was not to make FF Fangame NO#58421, but rather to make a game as close as possible to the real (SNES) thing using the best from all systems.(To date I have never seen a fan game using all of this, maybe there are?)I could have used other characters but then, FF7 was my favorite.

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VOTE FOR THIS GAME PEOPLE!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! lol.... But do it!
Man, I had NO idea people were seriously playing this! I would have DEFINITELY been here and given tech support if I knew! Well, incase you aren't turned away yet, here are a whole lot of fixes I did to the game. To use these, just put the downloaded file into the games folder, and unzip using winrar. Overwrite all the games in the folder with the ones in the download and you're good to go!

You use a terrible 3rd party download service so I can't see what this game is about. RMN gives you a service, why aren't you using it?
Hmm.. good question. I guess its because it wasn't around when I uploaded this game? (2 or 3 years ago). Anyway, if RMN can host the game, then i might as well upload the whole "rebuilt from scratch" game again.
it looks cool. I'm a huge fan of FF7, but my mom restricted it. The girls dress inapropriately" she says. Wish I could play it... my mom checks the computer alot and if she found this I would be dead.
I had the boat problem and the patch fixed it. However, when I go back to cloud's team after getting Ifrit, I get an error that says missing or can't load vehicle3 and the game closes. I wish I can get further into the game :-(
Ok, i got 2 complaints on this before, originally, there IS no vehicle3 in the game, but after the patch i might have included it by mistake. It's really easy to fix though. You could have even fixed it yourself if you knew about how rm2k3 works.

Just download this image


anbd put in in your RTP's "CHARSET" folder and that's it.
are the fixes included in the download that's present or do they still need to be downloaded with the patch you have there?
I had to download the (two) patch(s, if you call the second one a patch which all it is is a image file) on here after downloading the game. I am actually getting somewhere in the game :-).
No, it's not included, you have to download the patch and the separate image too. Put the image (vehicle3) in your RTP folder and apply the other patch like it says.
So how do you get passed the guy who is blocking your way in the water temple? I don't know what #'s the pillars represent. I am assuming that's where you use the riddle you heard about in one of the town's. I will get nothing happened after I light a third pillar but one time I didn't get nothing happened after all 4 were lit but that guy/statue was still there...
The pillars are numbered like this:

1 2

3 4
I am entering the combination I found from town but the statue won't move when I enter that combination.
How do you know you are doing it right? If you're right, then a golden chest will appear in the room and the screen will shake. If that's not happening then you're not doing it right. If you STILL can't do that, then just pm me and i'll tell you the answer.
I do not get nothing happened when I tried certain sequence. Sometimes I will get nothing happens after lighting 3 pillars, not 4.
And I realized I wrote the sequence down wrong.
What are you supposed to do at luneria? I talked to everyone, and still can't get into the never-ending forest. Or if you keep going eventually you'll outsmart the spell on the forrest?
luneria....? There is no place in the game with that name. But I know which forest you mean, and no, you need a special item to get into it, you'll get it much later in the game. I'll tell you how and where. Get all of the summons, even the secret ones, then you can get Bahamut, once you have him, go to LaraeVillage and speak with the Chief, she will give you the item to get into the forest.
yeah. Larae. Sorry.

I went to the place through the mountain pass, fought the fire boss, and got back out, was told that they needed to have some item to fix the coolers. I left and have been wasting time going back and forth through the mountains to see if they're done with the repairs to the intercontinental roadway and they keep saying "we're on a tight schedule" which means (from what I gather) that it's not fixed yet (and neither do i have the coolant, which i can't find...)

I also rode the chocobos to larae villiage to see if the villiage had the coolant i was looking for... I'm just stuck!
It's OPTIONAL! You don't have to find it now, you can get it later in the story, but the reward you get is VERY great, so yeah, don't forget about it. Also, near the end of the game you get a diary, which keeps track of what sidequests you have and haven't done, so even if you forget, you can always look at the diary later.