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Jtrev23 Review

  • jtrev23
  • 09/17/2015 10:41 PM
This game has a great story, nice battle system, and great music to accompany it. There was a few things that I felt was a bit odd (seriously does everyone need a double attack?) but those are just personal things that I felt was a bit strange and doesn't hurt the overall quality of the game.

I really enjoyed the music more than anything. It really helped give a nice dark vibe to the overall game. Even though the game isn't supposed to be a "dark" game, the story has a lot of darkness to it and the music really amplifies that part of the story. As for the story itself, not only is the writing amazing and alludes to backstories and relationships outside of the game frame, but also the dialogue helps clue you into more and more of the overall story. The only thing I dislike about the story really is that at the end of the game the player is left with more questions than answers. Now this effect works well for T.V. shows but I have a personal dislike about this in video games as the developer may or may not make a sequel to the game. Without a game to follow it the player is left wanting more with no way to get it. Even though not everything is answered, the game does do a good job of telling a compelling story. Games that take place within a war is not new but At Last Alone makes it stand out by incorporating the magic aspect to it as well, and that is one of the things that helped draw me in further. I would also like to take this time to say that I rather enjoyed the mapping of At Last Alone as well. For the most part, each room has been carefully laid out and all paths lead to the same place so the player doesn't have to follow a specific path. The enemies also are strategically laid out so the player can choose to fight them or ignore them depending on their preference. The only thing I question though about the mapping is the area that triggers further dialogue. Since the maps have multiple pathways, it would be easy enough for anyone to choose a different path and miss out on information regarding to the story. Despite that though, the mapping is quite good and the more spacious parts of the map makes sense due to it being a castle.

As per request of the developer I am including this mid section on characters which I will not do normally unless asked. I'm at a flux when it comes to the characters. Outside of battle each character is a truly separate person with their own feelings about things and they actually feel like real people. Inside of battle on the other hand there is just too many similarities for my taste. While I like that nearly every character can heal or recover in some way, too many of the move sets are mirror images of another characters moves. Furthermore this seems to be intentional as the newcomer to the group has the most different set of moves from the rest of the party. Yes, generally when you fight together with people over a period of time they can learn moves from each other but does the Paladin and the Soldier really need to learn some of the same skills? This is exemplified though the use of equipment as the Paladin and the Soldier both wear the same type of armor, which you collect way more than you need but I'll get more into that a little later. In short the characters from a story perspective are unique and cleverly written but from a battle standpoint the characters are almost the same with only one or two specific skill differences.

For a lot of games I feel that the story is the most engaging factor of the game and for At Last Alone, this is no difference. While I absolutely love the battle system integrated within the game, I feel that the story is what draws the player in and keeps them going on to the end. The snippets of story laid out within the game helps clue the player in more and more to the mystery of Moranthia and the events that led up to this moment. Now while the gameplay isn't the main focus of engagement, the battle system itself forces the players to stay engaged in the battle as the player not only has to watch out for the enemies turn but also time their attacks correctly and keep an eye on their TP. This not only insures the player stays engaged within the battle but also prevents the player from escaping as the enemy can and will attack you if you even think of backing out of the fight. There is even an element of stealth as battles can be avoided by watching enemy movement prior to battle. Now while I love the battle system I have to question the excessive gathering of armor and money throughout the duration of gameplay as there is no shop system that I found inside the game. Even with the Paladin and Soldier wearing the same type of armor, I collected way more pieces of useless armor that was not needed. Granted I went out of my way to open up every chest I could find, the amount of useless items just seems to be a waste of time in my book. While I can understand that they are raiding the building as they are trying to save the prisoners, without any in game merit to to use of gold or equipment it just seems unnecessary and pointless to the overall game. Again, as I mentioned above this is something that I just feel is odd and not needed but doesn't necessarily spoil the enjoy-ability of the game as a whole.

Minor collision and grammar issues here and there but nothing game breaking or worthy of mentioning that I've found.

I well designed game with an excellent battle system and great story that I think people should definitely check out. .I'll just tell the developers that they did and awesome job and they should hit me up if there's a sequel! In short, great game, play it!


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Dude! Thanks so much for posting this over on RMN! I posted your original review on my game blog, but this makes it nicer since it's all in one place.
You're doing a great service reviewing all these games!
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