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  • Kylaila
  • 05/24/2015 05:58 PM
Bachelor's Deal is a short comedic game about finding true love .. or a few bucks.

It is in the fashion of TV shows starring a range of different candidates our lovely us can choose from.
So we choose our persona, name it, go into the show, hear some non-stereotypical answers to stereotypical questions and then kick out candidates!
.. and finally .. choose love or money in the ones that are left.

The fun lies really in the details of how the mood is set with different light effects as well as inthe mixture of stereotypes and originality

Starting with the very character selection. You can choose freely between man, woman, animals, angels, demons and whatnot.
You can also choose your prefered gender of your partner or go in by surprise.

Setting up the whole deal is very well executed with numerous special effects and actual sets some tension to get you excited about it!

Now then .. will you choose love or money? And what would our candidates do with the money?

Demonic knowledge, check.

This game is meant to be a silly experience with unexpected and silly answers while providing an actually fairly interesting atmosphere.

Shooting for love is fairly disappointing, however, as each candidate gets randomized answers for each question.

This results into multiple candidates using the same answers and also using answers contrary to previous ones! I think it would do very well - and seem much more authentic - to have different sets of connected answers.
There are few stereotypes showing through like a lazy, partying guy, which often stand in contrast to later answers of flowerboys or whatnot.
I think there is not too much of a replay value in there, although it would certainly be fun to see more diverse answers.

Oh, the romantic atmosphere!

All in all, this is a really fun and funny game for the short while it lasts.


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Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall :)

Before we finished the game I wanted to implement keeping track of the contestants' personality and answers after the contest was over, but the randomness has been received mostly positively so far and convinced me to keep the answers random.

That quote you got in the second screenshot really fits your character and the remaining contestant :P
I can definitely see both sides, but my preference is clear.
Am .. am I the only one searching for TRUE LOVE?

Haha, I gotta make it coherent, no?
It was not the same character speaking, too. Which reminds me that I actually used to structure my reviews around the screenshots I selected. I think I might want to do that a little bit more.

In any case, it was a fun little ride ;)
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