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Great game you can play how you want- Jtrev23 Reviews

  • jtrev23
  • 12/15/2015 02:38 AM
I was asked to review this game by the creator AEGIX_DRAKAN on RMN and I’m very pleased to have played this game. I managed to play through multiple times and unlocked 5 of the 6 different endings a player can achieve with my longest record was completing the game in an hour and forty-six minutes according to the internal game clock. Also for the record I only played on the “mercy” and “fury” with minor testing on the other two difficulties of the game in an effort to complete the game quickly; after this review I most likely will go back and play the game on the harder difficulties as well.


Heresies of Discord is a fantastic dungeon crawler RPG game made in Ace that utilizes adventure and detective style games while maintaining its own dungeon crawler type feel to the game. Now this game does a lot of things right and very little does it do anything wrong. This game was created to be played by everyone with 4 varying difficulty levels and a multitude of different game options to choose from, any player can customize it to play Heresies of Discord in the way that suits them best. The game does only use an ATB style battle system but the player has the ability to control the battle speed to their liking. This allows those who appreciate the story more to not have to focus so heavily on the battles and vice versa. The different difficulty level settings seem to also jump a fair amount between settings so hardcore gamers can work on their fast reflexes and give them the illusion that they are playing a fighting game. The only things I dislike about the game can’t really be helped. The use of RTP for example is completely understandable since this game was originally entered in the June 2015 “Write a Game contest”, but doesn’t let it stand out as much from the rest of the world that uses RTP. The other thing I dislike is that now I have to go and play all the other games by the creator in order to fully understand the world of the game. Things are explained throughout the game efficiently so it is not necessary, but in order to understand certain things, having played other games within the same universe would have definitely helped out a lot. Other than that I had no real issues with Heresies of Discord.


As I mentioned earlier, the game uses a majority of RTP or purchased assets so I can talk much about the graphics themselves but I will say that the graphics were chosen well and used effectively. I particularly found item notice pop-ups to be used gracefully and did help me to appreciate visual presentation a little more. The same can be said with the sound as well but I must admit that I found myself more attached to the chosen battle music than the other music pieces. Heresies of Discord gets the most points in presentation though is from the story. It uses a nice original storyline that is familiar yet unique in its own way. Some of the background lore can fly over a few heads but all relevant information is dispersed nicely throughout the game. This allows those who love mysteries and stories the chance to get some great background knowledge as a reward for exploring areas thoroughly, there is even a special bonus ending for those who find all the relevant information pertaining to the case. Not all of them are needed to complete the game though so players who don’t want to waste time searching for all the clues can focus just getting the vital ones in order to progress through the story. I will say though that the entire story together with bonus ending is definitely worth seeing so I encourage everyone to try and find 100% of the clues to be found.


This game is what you make it and therefore the primary source of engagement will be different for everyone who plays. For me, it was the expansive storyline and trying to find all the clues in order to get the complete story of what was happening all those years ago. For others it will be the action from the challenging fast paced battles, having the ability to choose what enemies they want to face or outrun, or even wanting to complete all small puzzles as quick as possible. Whatever the player’s reason to continue playing may be, Heresies of Discord delivers a stunningly brilliant story and battle system to the table for everyone to play. Speaking of the battle system, this game also does something a little different with the battles to make the game just a bit more challenging than normal. Rather than leveling up after a certain number of battles, the main character’s health increases after every battle and every time she finds a relevant clue. In the lower difficulties the health is restored by a certain amount while in higher difficulties the player must rely on items to keep their HP from dropping to 0. This is one of my most favorite and most disliked highlights of the game as it does force the player to change their tactics quickly but it also leaves the player without any room to grow skill wise. The skills the main character starts out with are the same skills she ends with which can be a bit discerning as the player can easily get into a rhythm for how to deal with a certain enemy. Even on the easiest mode I found myself using the same set of combinations on some enemies in order to kill them quickly. I do like how this system forces the player to monitor their health though and carefully plan on which enemies to face. Defeating an enemy will reward the player with a new max health but was the fight worth it if the character is left with small amount of HP afterward? That decision is left up to the player and will make the difference between success and defeat as the game goes on.


An awesome dungeon crawler with a customizable experience that everyone can enjoy. This game appeals to a wide variety of players so I recommend everyone at least give it a try. Definitely play if you like RPG’s, dungeon crawlers, detective –style games, ATB action based games, or story driven games. Either way, Heresies of Discord is guaranteed to deliver fun in a short amount of time.



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