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Well worth playing due to it's short length

  • Dragnfly
  • 11/17/2015 07:24 AM
I've often said, "the greatest plot twist is making me believe your twist will be stupid and obvious then making it something cool." This game is now one of my favourite examples of that.

The Good:
The mapping is simple yet not too stale. The house is easy to navigate and there aren't any filler rooms there just to make it look bigger (a big problem developers often do).

The conveniences are there such as Run and Text Skip. He also does content disclaimers very well, making it be an option on the title screen and precluded by the warning that knowing the graphic themes and content might spoil the story. I'm 100% behind this method. It basically lets everyone be happy.

The story is actually pretty decent. As said already I like the twist and it having 5 endings is great. I didn't see any typos or terrible grammar and characters talk in a believable and consistent fashion.

The Bad:
From a technical standpoint, the game still has some issues. As of the Oct 21, 2015, version you can walk through a couch in the piano room, ver2 of one of the hallways has the lower half of a bookcase obscured by layering and the lighting effects either don't always kick in or they stay active when they likely shouldn't. A cutscene in the front of the mansion will play every time you trigger it although it's obviously supposed to only happen once.

One other beef, and this is actually a big problem for me is that a major deciding factor of which of the 5 endings you get comes from an option right at the very start. This means you will need to replay the entire game to switch which ending track you're on. It's a bit annoying. Luckily, a skip text feature is included so it can be done very quickly but still, from the VERY beginning? Bleh.

Another ending-related problem is that there are 8 hidden cutscenes and finding all 8 will get you a certain ending. The natural gamer mentality if you look at guides but don't want spoiled is to trigger all but the final hidden cutscene and go from a separate save there. Unfortunately getting that hidden cutscene seems to be what progresses the story so I ended up getting locked into that ending path.

While far from perfect or even great this is the type of game that you can finish quickly and overall you'd be better for it.