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Deus Cards - Capable of being it's own Anime

So far i have played a little bit of Tournament and all of Story, though Story is insanely short, it really is just a way of conveying a tutorial without feeling like a tutorial, it instead feels like the pilot episode of an anime.

The Gameplay is like Auto Battle but yet you can still affect the flow of battle as the avatar attacks by using cards, i do see why a lot of people dislike how it seems that you cant take your time to read the cards while getting beat up, however you can avoid that if you read the cards outside of battle by looking in the collections panel.

That being said, i have learned very little but i like what i seen, so i will be playing on until such time as the sequel or remake is released, i look forward to seeing all that this game has to offer, collecting all 80+ cards and winning with the various characters and avatars.

It's a Collectible Card Game that i'd say is it's own thing, though it was inspired by a similar Anime called Angelic Layer, but since we dont have that Anime dubbed in English here in the states, i'd say that works for Deus Cards cause it has it's own identity, like Shining Force did as a Strategy RPG before Fire Emblem came stadeside and took over.

My ONLY other complaint is the Shortness of the Story Mode, if there is a remake i'd love a far longer storyline for it, not just a three battle tutorial that introduces the majority of the characters.

Because of those two flaws in total, i give Deus Cards a final rating of 4 out of 5, for having one Minor and one Major Flaw.