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An RPG made with nothing but RPG Maker VX Ace. With an all female party.

Consistent Battle System
Consistent damage! (The RNG has NO effect on damage!)
Unless blinded, no misses!
Status effects ALWAYS work unless the target is immune!
Plenty of rings to resist individual ailments completely!
Enhanced buffs!
Special attacks are much stronger than regular attacks!
The Bosses are challenging (They usually demand more strategy than heal + attack)!
All female team!
Classic RPG story with some twists!

Backstory (Can just jump into the game but whatever):
Moxia was raised by the legendary hero Brax since she was a baby after her merchant parents died. As Moxia was growing up Brax told her countless stories about his adventures to save the world from the dreaded Demon Lord. Moxia was so excited by these stories that she wanted to be a mighty hero and warrior just like Brax. Brax eventually trained her for several years, but then left with no explanation. Two years later, one of Brax's old friends, Gide, told Moxia about a rogue attacking a nearby village. Moxia would finally have her chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a truly great heroine and the mightiest warrior.

Warning! In Version 1 you almost need the Omega Sword to beat the game! If you lose to the final final boss without it, PM me for the ending. I will fix this and a lot of other things soon!

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Well, once again - lost ! Got the spirit orb and no clue where to go - I must be getting old and forgetful !! Dennis
Is there a walkthrough or hint sheet ?
Cool game, I have been playing it for a while! Im stuck when

Goldie was kidnapped and taken to some island, Im with Terra and Miti, Spirette stayed with her brother. Spirette said something about getting back to some runes? or something? I am back on Tropica but have no idea where I am supposed to go now :c

And also, I think it would be a good idea to have a little journal or something like that with the current objetives or a hint about them. Cause I forgot the hint Spilette said and I am stuck because of that :/

Either way I had fun playing it, I like it! Also this RPG World is very big and complete

I'm stuck at the same part. Apparently I need to find a warp circle but I have no idea where it is.
Is there a walkthrough or hint sheet ?

I've been working on a Let's Play, but I've only just uploading the part where I kill King Fire. So, I can't really help with anything after that point, just yet.
Anyone know where to go after getting Terra back? I think I need to find the dark crystal. I haven't played in a while and can't remember where I'm supposed to go :-/

I'm lost. Got the Spirit Stone, picked Miti up, and have no idea where I should go now. I'm not sure if there was a hint.

Please help!

Enjoying the game a lot.

Never mind. Found it.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts
man that rouge has a really insane sex drive

really liking your main heroine (moxia).

You've no idea how satisfying it was to put those "Women are weak" types in their place! :D

the skills are pretty nice :D at least not yet but the skill set is good not a lot of wasted things.

i am not a fan of the forest :( its to be and the random battles have become annoying because of it.
if only there was a way to disable them when you don't want to grind.

and after the forest the world map could of been compressed. its not necessary to be this huge before the next area

moxia knows what she wants and she likes it! shes likes her men inferior and to worship her :D

Galaza was pretty annoying too. why are there so many houses with the same women answering the door and saying.
"oh that's cute are you selling cookies?" i would rather then just be non intractable.

The first floor of the inn in galaza is a huge empty room. could use some decorations and or shrink it.

i wish moxia would kick this sailers ass...these sexist pigs are getting on my nerves!
its ridiculous people have this kind of mind set!

considering the world map and forest i am surprised the castle isn't absurdly huge!

the ocean is unreasonably big too :(

...damn goldie fell in love with a utter piece of shit...i cant believe whats eh went thru to save this bastards life and he says "Don't worry about her. she doesn't need to know yet"...
dude your only alive because of her incredible efforts...you should be ashamed of yourself...
and silva...what the fuck does she mean soft?! she knows dam well where she just traveled too!
i swear if we don't get to kill those 2 i am going to be really pissed off...
this is so screwed up...we didn't even get to beat the hell out of that trash....

the pointless multiple house syndrome isn't in tropica too...

terras offense is pathetic :D

the MAT/MDF power should say in battle in their descriptions

terra knighthood puts another blemish on this game...punished for wanting relationships?
this is why i hate royalty,humanity and being forced to save the them...why the hell am i saving scum bags?!
this is sickening...

no...fucking...way...were forced to go ALL the way back to ferea now!? at were not at least going their to ruin the lifes of those 2 bastards!?
i am glad we didn't have to waste even more time...

2 bosses in a row after a endless maze filled with random encounters. the developer is a pretty terrible person :(
we cant even kill those backstabbing couple...

the shops in forz could be like 1/5 the size they are....

Aja is awesome XD Your taking ME back!? ill kill you! :D

i thought the western country was Horrible(which they are) but Des...what the hell...
the women in this area must be utterly retarded to accept such bullshit. the men don't have a choice but to listen to them...they are the ones who grant life...

Des weapon and armor shop still don't sell to women after the law change!

i hate games like this that keep putting things off...like the coliseum should be a optional thing not main story...not only is it part of the main story. but we have to do a bogus side quest before we can even go there which we need to go to the coliseum to get something so we can go somewhere else to progress further....its so dam annoying!

XD moxia is trolling the knights at dia XD the captain that attacked her XD it was priceless :D

its even better when you get information on your team XD
"their leader moxia s a bit arrogant and thinks she can beat anyone" XD well moxia=god! LD

the game has progression issues in this area tho...i had to wander around for a while trying to find the thing to trigger the next part.
i had no idea there was a room at the north wall of the second floor of the mage school. and then theres the breaks at the coliseum...

At heros tower i am dropping this.

General 5H 20M+ Dropped (games tedious and less then half way though the game)
The bad
The mapping was terrible,lots of mazes,huge open areas and unnecessarily big dungeons.
the random battles are annoying and theres no way to negate them.
once you get to the coliseum area you may have trouble progressing the game as many times it doesn't tell you what you need to do so you need to wander around and find what ever random npc appeared somewhere or that has new dialog.
The people you fight for...makes it difficult to get motivated to go thru all of this insanity...were talking slaves,sexism and a shocking number of rapists.
and if all that wasn't enough endless plot devices to extend the story!

The good?
literally the only redeeming factor of this is Moxia (the main heroine)
Her energetic,adventure loving,equality mindset and personality are just awesome!
moxia is legendary and could be a godlike optional boss in someones game :3
but because of all the downsides i cant say its worth playing though this to get to those moments...

if your fine terrible mapping and a lot of pointless battles.
then enjoy the epic quest of moxia as she becomes the strongest!
UGH!! Why is Gaia so tough?? It's not fair that the boss can regenerate 1000HP AND increase ALL its stats at the same time!! My team struggled to cut even 900HP in one turn and then she heals herself n we're back to square one.. it's totally pointless..
I thought I would try to level up outside the forest maze and then try to battle her so I thought if I lost HP/MP while leveling up, I could rest at the inn at the green town that got destroyed but it doesn't allow me to heal there so i'm totally stuck & also since the bridge is destroyed I cannot go back... >:( and too make matters worse I accidently saved all my save files at the point exactly before the scene where the bridge gets destroyed...
I'm sorry but I don't think i'll be able to complete this game. (Maybe it would have been possible instead of grinding for levels there were some treasure chests with items in dungeons or proper weapon upgrades or atleast status ailment moves)

and p.s. I don't mean to be rude but if your idea was to intentionally not have proper weapons and armor at the shops coz "they aren't supposed to sell weapons/armor to girls" then that is totally stupid...
Well, I gave a try to this game and I even planned to write a review, but I think the comments and the reviews already on the site explain it perfectly. Though if it were up to me, I would give the game an even lower score. The has its moments here and there, but it's hard to recommend due to the horrible mapping, the atrocious writing, and ridiculous balance (especially at the final quarter of the game, where it is just plain stupid and annoying)
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