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Short but sweet

Dragoon Legends, as you know, was a game made by Kazukeri and translated and scored by Brandon Abley. For some strange reason, it got buried under all the hype topics despite its great graphics and sound.

This is the only review DL got in six weeks.

Story (3/5)
Not the strong point of Dragoon Legends. Apparently, something happened to some villagers and Sano and Kazuko must check it out.

They also have a villain that is briefly shown in the intro. So why 3/5? Because DL doesn't give us everything heavy-handed in a 20 minute intro.

Gameplay (3/5)
Again, not DL's best suited area. It still manages to be better than average. This is largely because it has a magic EXP system as well as a physical one, and that you have several choices instead of just attack.

Some skills change damage based on how many times you press A, while others target the enemy based on where you position the cursor.

Graphics (4.5/5)
We're getting up there now. Dragoon Legends' graphics could hardly be better without breaking into commercial territory. It has colorful graphics, objects actually move, it's obvious Kazukeri put a lot of work into this.

Sound (2.5/5)
When attacking the enemy or using spells or skills, an all-too-familiar set of sounds plays. It's the dreaded RPG Maker 2000/2003 default sound set! I thought this was a little strange, considering all the other areas were above average.

Music (5/5)
Simply. The. Best. Homebrew RPG, if not almost any RPG music this side of Dragon Quest. Brandon Abley is a talented composer, and it shows. What surprised me is that there was no battle theme, but I won't take off for that.

Overall (3.5/5)
Overall, Dragoon Legends is an excellent looking and sounding game that just falls a bit short in gameplay and story- but this could also be because the game is a little short. Hopefully, someday this game can be picked up again.

What the numbers mean
0- Missing in this category.
0.5- Terrible. Simply terrible.
1- Really bad.
1.5- On the brink of disaster.
2- A little sub-par.
2.5- Average.
3- Better than average.
3.5- Quite good, worth playing once.
4- Destined to be an RPG Maker classic.
4.5- Only one or two things keep this from the top.
5- The cream of the crop as far as these games go.


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Thank you very much for your compliments! I feel kind of down about the music in this game actually and I am glad that you like it.
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