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15 Somewhat Sadistic Mario Puzzles

This is a Mario fan game that absolutely requires the player to use their brain. There are only 15 levels, but it'll take you a lot of time to figure out how to play through the level. Even when you figure out what you are doing, it still isn't easy to accomplish it!
All the levels are set up in an aesthetically pleasing and interesting manner. The game requires a mastery of Super Mario 2 physics (which I lack.) However, it is incredibly lenient with lives. You start with 12 lives (if you grab the mushrooms), and they should be enough to make it through the game if you are good at Mario and you carefully think through the level. You've really got to sit back and think things through before you run and jump around. There doesn't seem to be a time limit, so you do have time to think. Interestingly enough, I had the most trouble with the second area of the first level. I simply could not get the bomb down the hole to flip the switch. It's these kinds of puzzles that require quite a bit of dexterity that really makes the game sadistic. I'd say it's a game that you'd need to take a step back from every so often, just to recover a bit.

There is some difficult platforming from the beginning, which may take some time. The game sometimes lags on my computer, but I blame the engine it's built on for that.
Each level has a variety of star coins for Mario to collect. When Mario collects them all, he can move on to a new area. It makes for a quick and nifty collection game.
This is definitely one of the more fun Mario fan games I've played. I really do recommend it to anyone who likes more puzzle oriented Mario games.