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Donations poll, email and volunteers

Hellow sweets (・v・)!!
I need to estimate the amount of kind people who would (eventually) contribute to help us with a donation!
Since as I repeated that many times: "We can’t maintain the game all by ourselfes sadly…we need some support"
So…if some of you will gently donate something to the crowdfounding campaign we wanted to start after the release of the offical demo… I’ll be sure to thank that person in every way possible since is lending a huge help to the maintenance of the project
so thank you in first place!

Either way…
I just created a new email account just for the game: yugamiproject@gmail.com
so if any of you wants to contribute to the game as a volunteer, or wants to make a donation, or simply, wants to make questions… my new email is right here ready to hug you and answer to all your wishes owo/
this will also help me separate my important email from my… youtube notifications…
by the way!
whatever you’ll do, even if it’s just following the game itself, for us will be helpfull..
it’ll makes us grow, and that’s what important.

Oh, just another things… for the one who will donate something at the crowdfounding campaign, we wanted to give some gifts…
we’re creating a restricted amount of: T-Shirts, plushies, gadgets, and other things you can obtain only by donating! :3
hoping we can make you feel more comfortable of giving some money to us XD
A thing that everyone will obtain by donating tho, is the official demo, but with special content, a bonus room filled with videos and stuff about the making of the game.
In the folders you’ll have exclusive wallpapers and many more!

so? what do you think?
you think you will donate?
let us know with a comment right below here!
Love you <3