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Journey into an Abyssal scenario

Prom Dreams, on the surface from the starts seems like a gentle game that I could recommend to nursery school children, but when you dive into the game itself you will take away their files to the game as it is filled with horrors that can scare them away.

The main scenario of the game was delivered to the player quite slowly, it wasn't until you made it into the end of Day 1 where you find out some of the juicy aspects of the game, which at first was a little empty, you know a high school student that suffers from the loss of their ex. After a while, the uniqueness of this particular game starts to unveil itself when you reach the end of Day 1 (regardless of which girl you decided to date first).

The sprites and character art look quite generic and default towards the games engine, but that does not sway the good points about this game, what makes this game worth looking at is the deliverance of the story along with a solid programming/scripting put in place, it is one thing to have good art, but for me I believe solid programming and a great story is 100 times more important (if not a 1000 times more important), and Prom Dreams delivers an invigorating, twisting tale along with zero game crashes as far as I know from my let's play of the game.

Not important, but something that can make a game re-playable is the dialogue presented throughout the game, depending on which order you choose to date Maggie/Neela/Brooke changes the dialogue, so for example if you date Neela for the 1st cycle, she won't say exactly the same set of words for the 2nd or 3rd cycle.

Some of the audio created for this game is original, I'm not sure how much of the audio is original but some of it definitely is (you can find soundtracks on the developers YT channel). The audio itself is really good and the placement of the audio in contrast towards the current situation within the game is placed excellently.

Overall, a lovely experience, if you are a fan of horror rpgs, relationship crushes, romantic dates, plot twists and fine cooking then I definitely recommend Prom Dreams to acquire a few hours of romantic, horrific and enjoyable rpg experience.


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Thank you for the lovely review!! ;w; I was glad you enjoyed it when you did your LP and I'm still glad you enjoy it. :D

To answer your question re: the music, I'd say about 95% of it is original. The songs playing at the prom and for the "quiz" (huehue) are stock songs, and the Brahms' pieces and Mr. Neal's guitar solo are public domain classical tunes. The piano and vocal renditions of Liebestraume no. 3 were also not done by me, but all the music box renditions of the piece were and thus were included on the soundtrack.

I actually kind of agree with you on the generic looking front, and the one reason for that is simply... I don't art good. I DO art, but it's not really finished product worthy, so I used generator parts and tweaked them to my liking instead. I would rather it look semi-professional and a bit generic than have it look like a middle schooler's weeaboo phase sketchbook. XD;;;

Thanks again and I hope you had a Merry Christmas! \o/
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