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Demo updated. Yay?

  • Nirwanda
  • 04/18/2016 07:48 AM
I've updated the game's demo (I know you all were just so eager to try it) with a lengthier one that covers around half of the game (about 2 hours). New party members, new places to explore, more touching backstory to unlock, a lot to loot... What else could you ask for? I've also corrected and rebalanced several aspects of the game. I'm pretty sure things'll keep changing, but I'd like to believe the game is growing for the better.

The city of Risalia has MANY shops.
By the way, once you talk to Aldes after meeting the thieves guild PR guy the demo is officially over. But there is quite a bit of city for you to explore if you haven't done so already.

If anyone is reading this, please do give the game a try and thank you for reading.