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A Demo About A Message

This is a demo review.
This is a review for version 1.28. My playtime: 02:36:19 (based on in game clock). I think i finished the demo because i can't proceed after i finished the smuggler hideout in Risalia (second town).

The messenger and the cursed one is a turn based RPG maker game which revolves around 2 people to deliver a message. The game offers some side quests and a non permanent third party member in each town.

The game uses cute sprites for the enemies in battle. I really love how the sprite turns out.

I can't bring myself to kill them.

The mappings are decent, although there are some places that used up more spaces than i thought (especially the "boxes" in the graveyard). Most of the houses also can't be entered. The dungeons are very short and simple; there are only a few intersections that usually have a chest at the end of the road.

I really love the music, especially the bgm on the first town. The bgms in this game are the type that won't get you bored after you hear it for a long time, as it sounds great to the ear.

The game only has a short cutscene for the main story. I say short because it's more or less the same length as the dialogue that you'll get when you talk to the city NPCs. The NPCs tend to talk a lot with tons of comments from the party members, making it as long as the main story. I sometimes are having trouble to find the important dialogue because of that, especially since there might be a side quest that can be offered when you're talking to NPC and there is no quest log in the game (both for the main and side quests).

But putting the story aside, i love the interaction between each characters. They tend to have a funny conversation with each other. I also would like to mention that there are some typo on some of the dialogues.

You also might want to add a punctuation here.

The game
You'll have your first battle as soon as you start the game. I like how the battle system makes "Defense" option useful by giving it a defense and HP regen buff for several turns. The characters also have a unique skills and weapon, depends on its class. The skills can be learned either by levelling up, equipping a certain equipment, or interacting with the NPCs.

Although the character have unique skills, the game seems to more favored to magic class user. The first third party member is a mage and she can regen some Channeling (MP) each turn that she can spam skills every turn, while the rest of the characters have to use normal attack to preserve their Channeling because they can't regen their Channeling. And of course, skills are stronger than normal attack, despite the fact that the character is a physical based character.

The game uses random based encounter and all battles can be finished in 1-2 turns, with an addition of more turns if you're entering new area (without the third party member). You might even finish it faster if you're using skills. Special status and buffs are very powerful in this game. There isn't anyone that can cleanse special statuses, and special status like poison lasts for eternity (and it can even kill your character). Buffs, on the other hand, lasts for a very long time (just like the defense buffs). Not that i'm complaining about the buffs since it can be useful in boss fights.

Cool message.

Speaking of boss fights, there are also some bosses (and mini bosses) in this game. The bosses are just like normal enemies from random encounter with more HP and damage, while some of the mini bosses are quite hard to beat (especially the one in the second town). The fire mini boss can kill your party if you're not using the currently best gear in the next town while the water mini boss might take longer to kill if you're not using scroll because there is almost no one that can deal a high amount of damage to the boss (plus, the boss has an aoe sleep skill).

There are scrolls that can be used to deal damage to the enemies. These scrolls are usually cheap and you might even find it by inspecting the area. There are a lot of items hidden in each area so you might need to inspect all items that look like crates to find it.

The game also offers some side quests. These side quests can be completed to get some items or even skills. However, these quests are not logged (and so are the main quests) so you might have a hard time to remember it if you're not playing this game in one sitting. Some important enemies will also showed up outside the town without needing to use the random encounter.

- Short and simple dungeons
- Minibosses
- Sidequests
- Unique third party members on each town

- No quest journal
- Imbalance between physical and magic based class.
- No cleansing skills
- Too many long dialogues (including the one to the NPC)

This is a short and simple game about message. This game also have some good conversation between each characters.

Final Rating: 3/5
I don't really like the battle and long dialogue part but the game is actually an okay to me.

Some bugs:
- In the Orc invasion, the orcs will gone if you enter and exit the inn.
- This stair.. can't be used although you can reach the tile.


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Thanks for the review of my first game! The memories... :)
I've been told several times that my npcs talk too much. Sorry!
I'm really glad you enjoyed it some. This was a fantastic surprise. Again, thanks a lot.
Thanks for the review of my first game! The memories... :)
I've been told several times that my npcs talk too much. Sorry!
I'm really glad you enjoyed it some. This was a fantastic surprise. Again, thanks a lot.
you're welcome!
nah, i don't really mind about that, but it's just that sometimes i find it hard to concentrate on the main story because of that.
thanks for making such a great game too :)
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