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Version 1.2 Ready for Download! Plus Bug Report List

  • bleet
  • 09/16/2016 01:56 AM
Hello everyone! After a lot of bug fixing, I've decided it's time for v1.2! You can download it now! Plus, if you'd prefer not to do a whole new download, Patch 5 for version 1.1 will work just as well. :)

Here is the bug list form for all versions up to now:

If there are any errors to report, please let me know! If it's very urgent, you can contact me on my tumblr blog Ask/Submit. Bugs that will be fixed in the next version will be bolded and italicized. Fixes are underlined.

Reported Bugs So Far VERSION 1:
  • Left the bonus room teleport in the village well. (deleted it)

  • The large wolf outside the cabin doesn't despawn when battled, locking player in a loop since it keeps touching them.(added despawn conditions to both pages in the event)

  • When viewing art in the gallery, the right arrow will light up when pressing left. (changed to correct arrow)

  • The RTP version replaces the custom title screen with a default title screen. (renamed the title screen so it should hopefully prioritize the correct name)

  • In the protagonists house there is a wall that opens the save menu when interacted with. (deleted it)

  • During the tutorial battle you can repeat the scouting command indefinitely and get infinite items from the message it triggers. (added a condition that checks if scout has been used yet and if it has, it will cancel the action)

  • After the village is destroyed it is possible to walk over certain walls, signs and on certain rooftop tiles. (blocked out all mapping errors on the houses)

  • The ‘Behead Wolf’ skill does not work on common enemies, yet still drains PP. (made behead the wolf an instant-kill on minor enemies)

  • During the final fight it is hard to see the damage numbers since they have the same color as the boss in the spot they appear at.(I'm not quite sure how to change the damage numbers without changing all of the text color?)

  • The pink text is a bit hard to read since it has fairly little contrast to its textbox. (hopefully darkened it enough)

Reported Bugs So Far VERSION 1.1:
  • After getting the lumberjack axe and food on the table in the red cabin, a group of wolves might randomly appear in the door (if only the game was meta enough to do that lol) (the wolves are activated by a switch that should only turn on when the player is in the cabin later during a cutscene. ensured that the cabin door to enter the building turns OFF said switch, so it will not interfere with other actions)

  • If player encounters the first three fightable wolves out of order (order is well, side path by tree, and fires at the bottom of the village), the wolves will not despawn and will continue to attack until the correct one is killed. (the wolves relied on a variable that added as the player defeated them; made a win condition switch that turns on their despawn independent of order)

  • Lenora's name may change to "Lilip" during first wolf chase cutscene(changed it)

  • The player may advance in the storyline before killing all the wolves in the village (leftover programming, removed it)

  • Activating Behead The Wolf skill before fighting final boss turns it on permanently, making the player insta-kill all sub-wolves immediately. (turned OFF the behead switch for the skill in each troop page for it)

  • When being chased by the wolves in Buttonbush, the player can run past grandma's house and move on, breaking the game and narrative. (Put in a condition where the teleports to chokeberry thicket won't work while being chased)

Reported Bugs So Far VERSION 1.2:

None yet!

If you've encountered any of the bugs listed above, download and install the most current patch listed on the Downloads page!