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High end RPG game! One of the best I have ever played!

  • Silwynas
  • 06/02/2018 12:00 PM
I played quite a few games from this site but never bothered to write a review or something like that, even if the game was enjoyable. Until now! This game was just flat out amazing! This game was the sole reason I created an account. I had so much fun playing it that I just felt I had to write a review to at least try to show the creator how much I enjoyed it.

Please give it a go you will not regret playing it :)

I really love to play a turn-based RPG game that combines a well written sorry and interesting characters such as Vampires Dawn 1 & 2 and "Unterwegs in Düsterburg" (a German game). Whoever likes these games will love this one.

What makes this game so interesting/excellent/enjoyable:
1.) Except for the main character your whole party can be customized. You can choose 2 out of 4 characters who all act differently in a dialog and 1 out of 15 summoned monsters. Each character and monster has unique strengths and weaknesses which can be combined into a lot of different strategies.

2.) The game is really good at telling not only the main story but also the story of each character. If you want you are able to watch extra scenes you can unlock. This gives the player an option whether he wants to go through these extra scenes because some players just don't want to click through endless dialogs.

3.) The player is free to choose which quest or side quest he takes on. The storyline is not forcing you to take a specific order. Some quests that seem to be very predictable at first sight evolve into something totally different. Sometimes "completing" just sets of another quest and that one will once again chain into another quest. The menu also shows the player all active and complete quests and what has to be done to continue a certain quest. Very well done.

4.) You play as an antihero which brings a fresh concept to the good old "hero who tries to save the world"-game. And although your main character is the harbinger of darkness and a loyal servant to the god of darkness deep inside there is still a little bit of light left. The character design was really really well done.

5.) The fighting is not boring. A lot of fighting games have the problem that you have to grind a lot. This game does not force you to collect masses of Exp and money to advance to high level and high tier equipment. Although I personally like to buy/find/loot better equipment for my characters you will have to use the same gear throughout the whole game. Except for potions and quest items, almost everything else is to be sold off. Money can later be used to buy Exp for your summoned monsters.

6.) The music and graphic design fit perfectly. The surroundings consist not only out of plain grass but out of also flowers, vines, trees, bushes, mushrooms and so forth. Really well done!

7.) You don't have to search through every pot or boy in the game. Again I personally like to be rewarded for checking everything but some players just don't want to "waste" time on that. In this game, you will almost never find anything, except in churches ;) Instead, the main character tells you why she doesn't want to go through the pot/box/whatever.

8.) You can save whenever you like. There are no specific "save-spots". Furthermore, there are up to 9 save files that not only show your current characters but also their levels, your play time and where you saved. This way it is far easier to find your most recent save since going for the save with the highest leveled characters must not be the right choice due to the ability to change your group.

9.) You don't have to download an extra program for this game to run. Some games on this site want you to do so and it doesn't always work. Big plus! I just had to tell Avast, that the game.exe file was not a virus. :D It kept deleting the file...

10.) Last but not least, you will have a blast playing this game! I surely did.

Thanks a lot for this outstanding game WheelmanZero! :)


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You know a game is good when people make an account just to say how good it is. That said, good review.

Oh man, I feel sorry for Wheelman. I don't think he can handle another positive review. His heart is about to explode as is.
Yeah, at this point I don't really know what to say anymore. Lianderson, you do it this time! I've given many long speeches about how happy and grateful I am that people are enjoying themselves with a project I never believed would receive anything even remotely close to a 5 star review. I've gone on several tirades about how this has to be some kind of conspiracy devised to drive me into cardiac arrest. Even after all this time, I don't think it's fully sunk in yet that all of this is real.

Welp! Let me begin by thanking you for your review Silwynas. The reason I made this game was so I could enjoy playing it myself, but knowing that so many other people are having fun with it as well is a great feeling. It makes me want to share even more games with the community and hopefully bring some more joy into people's lives, if only for a few hours. Wow, did that sound as cheesy as it felt to type? Meh.

This is the second time I've heard high praise for Vampire's Dawn 1 and 2, so I really need to check those games out. That'll probably have to wait until 7 years from now though. Too much to do and too many games to make. Anyway, thanks again for the review, I don't think its real impact will hit me for a while. I might just be at work one day and suddenly start moonwalking with joy once it does. If I get fired because of that, please don't blame yourself.
Both Vampires Dawn games, like Unterwegs in Düsterburg (On the Road of Düsterburg, I believe, would be a fitting substitute) are german games. I know the first DOES have a semi-official english version, but I don't know about the other. There is also a prequel for mobiles, which was released in both languages right off the bat. Can't find it myself, though...
The one who made UiD, however, plans on a remake, which will also see an english release. He's however nowhere near finished, while still putting PLENTY of effort in it, (I'm talking about literal years here) and he already clarified that unlike the original, he wants money for the new one.
Well dag-nabit, my german's pretty rusty so I guess I'll have to wait. Thanks for the info Abraxas.
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