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Post Release!

Heyo! First order of business is to say, "THANKS!"

Really, thanks for taking the time to download my first rpgmaker project. It's my first foray into using this engine and I've gotta say, the community and support for it is great! I do admire mastery of encapsulation RM has, especially considering the amount of control it gives you outright; it's very important and probably most helpful for developers really.

This post is also to serve as a secrets/mild walkthrough guide for those who think they have missed anything!

So SPOILER warning for those who want to go in blind!

  • There are 2 optional bosses, the Rustled Chef and the Restrained Mascot.

  • The Chef can be found in the kitchen while the Mascot can be found by breaking the vent in the room you started out in.

  • However, they both require you to have certain items equipped to fight them. The Chef requires the Rusty Spatula, which can be seen when first entering the vents. And the Mascot requires the Cracked Clown Statue, which can be found by breaking the vents next to the stage.

  • Each boss will drop another piece of equipment upon defeat, which in addition to adding to your stats, gives you another skill.

  • You can use the A key to remove things in your way, but can also use it to gain extra items! Really, the designed intent here was to provide a secondary way of interacting with the environment, and in hindsight, probably could've been implemented better.(ala zelda or most adventure games)

  • Hitting vending machines, contrary to real life, will give you a free Candy Bar!

  • Don't want to level up and just want to experience the story? Invest in Pop Rocks and Firecrackers! They'll make short work of enemies if you got enough of them.

Again, thanks for looking at One Night at the Steeze!