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It's an ACTION horror, in that order.

  • Marcus
  • 06/15/2012 05:30 PM
People hoping for a creepy atmosphere may be slightly disappointing but this game sets out to tell a short story and achieves it quite well. It actually encapsulates the overall feeling of resident evil quite competently, (Mostly the opening of resident evil 3, before the nemesis arrives.)

The game tells the story of Vince, who's email reading is interrupter by the zombie outbreak! This is where the horror ends and it becomes an action game. Vince must save his girlfriend and get out of the city without being eaten by zombies or monsters.

On the plus side: I liked that I had a clear idea of what to do and the combat system was handled quite nicely (guns for spells, green herbs for health, red herbs for MP) sort of strange that red herbs mean you have more ammo but it works if you don't think too deeply. Even though the game is a little cheesy and predictable, the ending certainly leaves a player on a bittersweet and interesting note.

On the negative side: I dislike the hero's walk speed. If you ever die and have to re-walk an area, even a small one IT IS HELL. He needs to take his vitamins and get moving.

The main hero's character set is Vash the stampede and almost everything else is RTP. This could because it's a first time game but, that's just not classy.

There is a hint of laziness with puzzle making. just a hint.

All in all, I like what this game was going for. It doesn't have snazzy lighting or picture effects layered on top to give you an insidious, horror vibe. it just has zombies, and if they get to you then you fight them with swords and guns. So there's not as much horror in this action horror, but then, maybe that's why it feels like resident evil.

Very short, Not great to look at but fun and I think it achieved what it set out to do.


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Thanks for taking the time to submit a review! I feel it was very fair and I appreciate the effort.

And, yes, this was my very first ever completed RPG Maker game. It took a few months or so make, and it only takes the player about 45 minutes to complete if they know where to go without interruption.

Thanks again! =D
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