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A warning about adf.ly links to my sites/works

When I looked at my itch.io analytics today I noticed that some referrals have come from adf.ly, as illustrated below:

As you may have already guessed...

I am not the person who linked to this game using adf.ly.

I do not use nor have any interest in ever using adf.ly to get money from links that go through that site and will do my absolute best to keep Lavender and my future games free of advertisements and purchase fees.

If you are linking to Lavender, please do not use adf.ly referrals. There are no exceptions.

It makes me really sad to see that there are people trying to profit off the hard work I have put into my game and I would really appreciate it if anyone who comes across referrals to my blog, itch.io (game page or not), RMN profile/game pages, etc. using adf.ly or other methods in an attempt to profit from my work could inform me about this, so I can take action and have the person in question remove the adf.ly link or replace it with a direct link to what adf.ly referred to instead.

While I understand I may never find every instance of this type of thing occurring, I would prefer to eliminate as many of them as possible.

Thank you for your time.