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I Just Cannot Express Correctly...

  • Muffle
  • 12/29/2017 02:16 AM
Two people board a bus which breaks down, so they have to take shelter in the bus driver's mansion. But things aren't exactly as they seem, will they be able to get safe and well?

Okay I want to say I may say a couple things that sound weird I played this game a long time back, so some details might have escaped me. But I remember it for the most part. I would replay it but I remember too much of it, I'd probably not get the same feel and it wouldn't be as satisfying. I'll try to go off my memory of my great experience.

The main spoilers are hidden.

Character Backgrounds & Development: 5/5

I'll start here because this was one of the biggest impressions on me. I instantly fell in love with every single character in this game, and even an antagonist (would you consider him an antagonist), left me sympathizing at the end. I'm talking about the father of the whole place, that had taken the immortality potion.

It's very hard to make me tear up, or cry at that.. but this game almost had a tear rolling down my cheek when telling Phoebe and Maeve's story (it was Maeve's side), I had just gotten so attached and the way it was described.. the characters were so real and it was so emotional.. ughh. Anyways, I'd say that's a job well done, getting me so emotional.

Ceiran was... a great bad guy, to say the least. I just could not forgive him for what he has done, but as a bad guy he did very well. There are just some bad guys that do so well as the villain, you're not cursing their entire existence because the game wouldn't be the same without the ***hole.

As for Darcey... God, God God God. I also teared up when her death came, especially after knowing everything and how she died. She was smiling. I cannot express how great all of these characters were, how attached I got, how emotional I got when I heard their stories. They were so well thought out, it was like I wasn't looking at these made up people on a screen I could actually feel their pain.

Music: 4/5

Since I haven't played in a while I can't fully remember, but I do remember thinking that the music was very nice and fit the game and atmosphere very well. It also helped with the events, as music is very important depending on the scenes (sad music for sad scenes, intense music for intense scenes, etc) I think it did its job. The only reason I'm giving it a 4/5 is because I cannot remember exactly.

Art and Mapping: 5/5

The art was fantastic, it's not something I'm used to but I enjoyed the look of it - and may actually prefer it from what I usually prefer to play. It especially fit the game itself. If I don't like the art I usually won't play the game if I don't like the art, so this is a very, very good thing! The art is something I don't think I will ever forget, and has once again inspired me to become an artist.

Whoever your artist is, someone else or you, it was extremely well done. I wish I could just say more than that.. but I'm literally at a loss of words because I don't know how to describe how amazing it was.. I may seem to be exaggerating but I'm a big fan of art so this left a huge imprint on me.

The mapping was done pretty well, it was kind of empty spaced and big in some areas but that's kind of understandable I suppose since it was like an abandoned mansion sort of ordeal. It's honestly much better than I could hope to do, and a lot better than even some of the best games I've played.

Story: 5/5

Another part that left a huge imprint on me. The whole story starts sort of slow but easily picks up when you meet Phoebe. I.. I can't describe in words how great this story was. I know the story is nothing like Misao, Witches House, Mad Father, etc... but out of every game I've ever played on rmn I think this of every game (and I've played a lot.. Headless Prisoner, Cardiophobia, Prom Dreams, June Bride Nightmare...), even compared to Pocket Mirror is probably one of the best stories I have ever encountered here.

The endings were different and unique, and there were several plot twists and story events that had me emotional. Not sure if this game ever got an award or Misao whatever but, this game really deserves it as well as more views. The story and characters are the one thing that will always have that everlasting imprint, and if ever someone were to ask me one of my favorite rmn games it'd be this one. It was just so though out, implemented so well, the characters, the full story.. all of it.

Gameplay: 5/5

This may be a biased opinion since the gameplay is my favorite type, but this is definitely another perk. I love exploration, story driven, visual novel, dark games. If you look at my game list, you'll see for sure it's my favorite sort of gameplay. I didn't have to waste any time fighting, and is a psychological horror which happens to be my only favorite type of horror.

When you said the choices really impacted the story, you weren't kidding. It really did impact the story greatly, it wasn't just a small different scene that didn't really matter and then continued to the same ending. This is one of the best implements you can put into a visual novel or choice based game. Huge choices that actually matter, make you gasp for air when you make a choice that changes the story in a bad way.

Other: 5/5

About the mental illnesses, mostly depression that's seen in this game. It was shown very well in my opinion. You could tell what was wrong, but it was also kind of easy to look over depending on what kind of person you were. They didn't care to hide it, but they didn't just blatantly say "I'm depressed and wanna die every single day of my life."

This is how a lot of people with depression deal with it. I'm always very critical when playing or making a game with mental illnesses because it's very easy to mess it up and give people the wrong idea, o seem to be making fun of it. You did very well, and as someone with depression I easily related to those two.


There is one nitpick that bothered or confused me, and there actually might be an explanation. The father (God cannot remember his name), when Celian or whatever killed Maeve and Phoebe, why did he just sit back and watch? Why didn't he do anything, why didn't he react harshly towards Celian for hurting his family, the thing he treasured most it seemed? Was he in shock? Did he have some mental disorder that made it hard for him to understand, express or react to it? It just bothered me, I understand afterwards Celian kind of brainwashed him but what about in the moment?

In all, even if it is an opinion (and lets be fair, every review is a personal opinion), this game is absolutely perfect. Besides that little note that frustrated me, I cannot think of really any problem with this game. They say nothing is perfect, but if there was it would have to be this game. A fantastic story, likable and relate able characters, emotional events, good music, and incredible art.

It was very straightforward and doesn't really require a walkthrough (unless you're me and don't realize you have to talk to Phoebe before going to the medicine cabinet to save Nicholas.. oops.) Outstanding game, I wish there were more games like this on rmn and I really hope to see similar games from the creator.