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Hide, Hart v2.0 ! (just want to thank anyone reading this)

As some of you know, (either from playing previous versions of "Hide, Hart", whether on the browser or the downloadable game) I am NOT the most technologically savvy person. Since the "official" release of this game on March 15th, I have received dozens of messages about problems with the game (and honestly it was no surprise because I've never done anything like this in my life), but these messages were not what I expected. I really expected people to write me rude, condescending messages about how it made them mad, or scold me about my lack of experience. Oddly enough NONE of these messages have that tone to them.

It's honestly amazing. All the messages were kind and ultimately helped me fix the problems! As someone who dabbled in MANY different forms of art (music, poetry, drawing, novel writing) I know firsthand that unkind advice is unavoidable and inevitable. But with making this game, amazing enough, not a single person has been unkind. I'm amazed at the small but tight community that has surrounded itself with my game! I'm just blown away that people actually care about this random project I created on whim!

So I just want to say thank you to the "Hide, Hart" community (aka: the people that have been incredibly patient with me over this last month), and all the future members of this great community. Please enjoy the updated version of "Hide, Hart", and ANY feed back at all is always appreciated.
Thanks again,(^-^)