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Major graphic changes

Hello! Thank you for following the production of my game.

I am redoing the sprites, which also means the maps will all be redone. I plan to share lots of images as I get into it! I feel confident with the development aand have a giant support who pushes me to be the best I can be. Thank you Balthasar.

Here is an example of the new sprite style. I am working on adding extra frames to sprite sheets as well so the walking and animations can be more fluid. Maps will be redone so they are more side-view, and flying will be an option in most areas as well. System aesthetic changes of course will be underway, and plans for an animated opening sequence in the beginning is being planned once animations are more concrete in my skillset.

Some of you may also notice that the title of the game was changed. This was mostly due to many other titles in the gaming world involving 'Skyrealm', so I changed it to Akiyo.

Feel free to check out our website Secret Society Games for more games, finished and under development.