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My personal favorite Rpg Maker game ever!

(Mild Spoiler Warning) So, I JUST got done playing this, and I can safely say that Love and War Act 1 is my favorite RPG maker game of all time. Seriously. And I play a lot of RPG Maker games.

Getting right into it, the thing I enjoyed most about this game was it's characters. You really get to know the characters well even though the game itself isn't that long. And the voice acting adds so much to the characters as well! I personally think they couldn't have done a better job! The story is really engaging from start to finish, although I thought the intro part with Kaleb and Samath didn't make much sense to the actual story. And the WRITING in this game, MAN is it good! I found myself laughing and taking the story serious all at the same time. The maps are really well designed as well! I have seen better map design, but that's beside the point. I didn't think combat was anything special, except for the battles with Juno and Kodenai. Those were pretty cool.

As much as I loved this game there were a few parts I didn't like. First off, either I suck really hard at traditional RPG combat systems, or this game is really difficult. I can't count he amount of times I needed to rely on items to save my skin! And the bosses, while fun sometimes, also felt overly difficult. Again, maybe I suck at the combat system, but yeah. Also the fact that you added save states before bosses is sorta nice, but you can also get screwed since you usually can't go find some enemies to level up on after that.

Overall, I'd DEFINITELY recommend this game to ANYONE who likes RPG's or Character Driven games. The combat system is rather bland but the Story, characters, setting, catchy music and VERY well-done voice acting make this game possibly the BEST addition to the RPG maker library. Or at least my personal favorite.

And I can't freaking wait for Part 2! I can't wait to watch the epic conclusion and watch Ryan screw up with the ladies s'more. Untill part 2!


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Many thanks for the review, Mysticmandeus! I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the world of Terra. :)
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