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A great game ... hopefully to be continued.

I'm sure lots of you have already played this game, so those people already know how great this game is. But for those of you who have still to sample the delights of LOVE & WAR, or for those of you who are simply looking for another good RPG Maker Game to play then look no further than this game here.

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering what's so great about this game ... so here comes the review.


Personally, I think that this is one of factors which makes or breaks an RPG. Just like any good book, If you don't care about the main characters, then you won't enjoy the story as much.

Thankfully, this game doesn't dissappoint in this regard. The main characters - two in the prologue and four main game - are all interesting. The four characters not featured in the prologue are just your joe average teenagers without any special powers. They go through events that an average teenager does such as being hassled by their parents to get a job, applying for college, and hanging out with other teenagers. However, the main characters and their friends soon get mixed up in events which could potentially change the fate of the entire world ...

The way the characters interact with each other is very well done. Not just between fellow party members, but with non party members as well. A lot of the people in the main character's home town also have their own stories and these add an extra shine to an already good story.

Character Score - 5 / 5


This is another area where the game strikes gold. Most of the tunes will be recognised by anyone who has played RPG's for at least a few years. (For example, their are songs from games such as XENOGEARS and CHRONO TRIGGER.)

For the most part, these songs seem to fit well with what is currently happening on
screen. Of course, there were a few song choices I didn't quite agree with - but that's just my opinion.

Overall, the music in this game is really good.

Sound Score - 4 / 5


Obviously, this is another important part of any RPG - or in fact any - game. If the game isn't fun to play, then players won't see the story through to the end.
Thankfully, there isn't too much problems in this department.

There are a few niggles that I have (for example, some of the areas have an extremely high encounter rate) but, overall, these don't really spoil the enjoyment of the game too much. To be honest, most of the niggles I found are probably down to the age of the engine used to make the game (RPG Maker 2000).

The only major flaw that I found is that sometimes it's not entirely clear what you're meant to do next. But, thankfully, that only happened a few times so it's not too much of a problem.

Gameplay Score - 4.5 / 5


Like the characters, the story is told really well. A lot of the story is actually about events that happen between the main characters and those around them. (For example, there is an interesting sub story between the female lead character, the main character and his ex - girlfriend which will, hopefully, be resolved in future chapters of the story)

I can't really say too much about the story here without giving away spoilers. But, suffice to say, I think most people will find the story in this game both interesting and enjoyable.

But ...... It's been a long time since Act I was released. I'm sure Admiral Styles will - I hope - release the rest of the story eventually. But, until we get some news on when this will happen, we have a story which we cannot find out what happens next. (However, there is the Act 2 Demo - this does introduce another character with an interesting story arc.)

Story Score - 4 / 5


A good game with an interesting story & characters. I recommend that everyone should sample the delights of this game and it's interesting cast - I'm sure this game will become even better once the next Acts are released and we get to find out what happens to our hero and his friends in the rest of the story.


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Many thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed Act I. :)
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
Good review, especially the way you nailed the central conflict of Lavie/Ryan/Marianne. =)
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