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Fixing And Difficulty

  • GreyReno
  • 11/14/2017 08:32 AM
Version 1.4 is up and nothing major happens in this version. I'll list some changes in this version below, you don't have to read it if you haven't played the game but go ahead...

The rest I haven't yet fully fix mostly are grammar... since it's way too long and time consuming (if you've played the game you'll know what I'm talking about), I'll probably fix the little ones only in the future.

For those who've already downloaded the game can opt to get the rgss2a file instead of full game. If you already have V 1.3c, don't bother downloading again since the changes aren't that many.

List of changes in version 1.4
-Some typo and grammar fixes
-Added 3 more save points in key location
-Fix bad camera angle upon 1st entering Malice Quarter
-Some save points now won't disappear upon triggering key scenes
-Fix 1st Corpse Eater chase scene in which you can bypass them completely
-Fix some misplaced graphical switches
-Added sound cue in Blue Room Corridor

-K's ending now can be switched by talking to Dark K again.

I also added updated version of Walkthrough in RAR version 1.4.
This Walkthrough will detail most of optionals you can find as well as some other tiny bits about the game.
I suggest reading the "extra parts" after you've completed the game and making another save before "point of no return".

The game might not as popular as others but I'm still happy about it ^^
Now I'm currently working on extra content, though it's not story related.