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This kind of artsy game is right up my alley.

  • Mirak
  • 08/09/2017 06:20 AM
This game could have been an obscure SNES cartridge in my collection of weird and soothing games.

I like games without dialogue, that lull me into a dreamy landscape of color and whimsy. Games with odd choices in color combinations that give way to calmness and mesmerizing trances of dumbfounded wonder.

This game accomplishes that with it's short and sweet story.

The game makes a neat use of rpgmaker in a way that you're playing a side scrolling game in both a horizontal and vertical plane as you flutter around. You're a fairy and your main objective is to get each stage's rainbow heart, which will appear after you've befriended a certain number of fairies in the same level, and in order to be able to befriend the fairies, you must vaguely touch a flower somewhere (I could never hit the sweet spot enough times to figure out exactly where it is, at the base I think), which will increase your flower count. Then, touch another fairy and you'll use flower points to befriend them. If you don't have enough flower points, you'll get rejected and be one step closer to a heartbreak and that's it for you!

The game can get a bit repetitive but the change in scenery with some very peculiar pallette choices and audio will keep you through it. It's very short, but for what it's worth I had fun playing this game.

The author made a note in the summary apologizing for the game not being too gay. In response to that, my gay friends would like to tell the author that this game has an acceptable amount of gay in it.

Negatives! There are a few of these!
I don't know whether this is a negative because I know this is part of the reason why I enjoyed this game a lot, but the game does look, play and sound like a snes bootleg game from China. This appeals to me because i've always liked dadaism and curious artistic choices which make me wonder if the author would have chosen them had the limitation of rainbow colors from the event this was made for not existed, but i know for a fact not everyone likes this sort of thing. And lastly, I wouldn't have chosen that kind of soundtrack which is the other minor thing I kind of didn't like, the game was relaxing but the music wasn't so much.

Overall though there was great effort to bring a game to completion, and this one made it with honors. My fave of the bunch! Congrats!


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Thank you very much for this great review :D

I don’t have much time to search music for this game so I just choose some calm and joyful music from RMN Music Pack and a mysterious music for the last stage. I’m so happy to know people can see gayness in this game.

I’m kind of not expecting anyone to like this weird art game so thanks again for this review and thank you so much for playing :D
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