RMN Music Pack is a collection of videogame music composed by members of RMN

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  • 02/26/2013 12:13 AM

RMN Music Pack is a collection of videogame music composed by members of http://www.rpgmaker.net for anyone and everyone to use in their non-commercial videogame projects. RMN Music Pack was created in three-months timeframe as an event organized by 800 M.P.H. and NewBlack with assistance of Kenton Anderson.

You can find the full list of submissions here!

Special thanks to everyone partaking the event, http://www.rpgmakerweb.com, Clyve, Liberty, Archeia and Jonnie19

And all the attending artists: Jasprelao, Jeremiah "McTricky" George, Jude, Gamesfreak13563, Tarranon, Cornflake, Xcalnarok, Lana42, Kunsel, Subaru, NathanGDay, Snowy Fox, ReclaimedGlory, Apoc, hyde9318 and 800 M.P.H.

Album cover artwork has been made by http://yaichino.deviantart.com and CD artwork by http://23hauntsme.deviantart.com

If you use our music in your projects, please credit the artists!



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All the songs in this version of the music pack are in OGG format. They all have loop points built in them, so every song will loop non-stop when played in your game. All the extra repetition in the OGG versions of the songs has been cut off to conserve space, so some of them don't last as long in media players as their MP3 counterparts do.


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All the songs in this version of the music pack are in MP3 format. This version has been tailored to be more like a regular videogame soundtrack release.


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It just downloaded fine for me. What browser are you using? Do you have something that affects your downloads? Is your virus protector marking it as a false positive?
Hello everyone. Me and my team would like to use the songs from the pack in our videogame. I read that the songs can only be used for non-commercial use, but we have to cover the cost of production and steam's fee, so we will publish the videogame for a price (even if it will be very low). Even so, could we use your songs from the RMN Music Pack in our videogame, please? Obviously, we'll put the name of every artist in the credits.

I already written to them to ask their permission, but I thought it was fair to ask the permission to the website too.
As long as you get the permission of the actual artists, then it should be fine.
Amazing, amazing work! Thanks for this!
Maybe a silly question, but if I want to use this music in a game I release on Steam totally free, would that be considered commercial or non-commercial?
If it's free, I assume it'd be non-commercial.
If it's free, I assume it'd be non-commercial.

That's what I figured as well, but I didn't know if there was some legal technicality due to Steam being a commercial platform. Thanks for the reply!
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