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Kread-EX's ammo script modified for per-weapon configuration and fixing some bugs.

  • Trihan
  • 04/09/2012 10:18 PM
Put it as miscellaneous because it affects stuff in menus and battle.

Kread-EX's original Asagi's Gun Licence script allows you to specify ammunition options for classes and skills.

At the request of Eternallight on IRC (and already requested, as I found later, by SirCumferance on Kread's Wordpress) I've modified the script so that you can set ammo types for individual weapons rather than the class. I've also modified skill assignment so that a skill can be used with more than one ammo type (say you wanted a skill that could be used with either arrows or bullets equipped)

I've also fixed some bugs; most of my own making and a couple from the original. One thing with the original script is that if you have multiple party members whose class can equip ammo type X, they'll both be able to equip it and both will draw from the same pool of items. I've fixed this by preventing ammo from being equipped if someone else is already equipping it.

I've also made a small fix to the items list where normally it would show less ammo than you actually have (because obviously one or more of the weapons is equipped). It now shows the full amount regardless of whether it's equipped on anyone.

And finally, I modified the skill notetags so you can assign an ammo cost in case you want the skill to use up more than a single arrow/bullet/dwarf.


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Thanks for this!
Always wanted to make an modern warfare RPG!
Greetings ,

I am having a issue with this script, I have gotten it to the point where it count the ammo i have used , but if i don't set the ammo as equipped in the database before play testing i cant equip it.
I believe i have followed the instructions in the script correctly but i must have gotten something wrong. here is the setting i have used :

in the Class section:

<ammo_slot_id: 1>
<ammo_slot_name: Ammo>

in the Skills section:
<linked_ammo_type: 10>
<linked_ammo_id: 61>
<ammo_cost: 2>

in the weapon section :

(actual weapon)
<ammo_type_id: 61,63>

and the numbers 61 refers to the first ammo and 63 is the second ammo

like i said it does remove the ammo as i fire the weapon using the skill i set , but if i dont set the ammo in the database as equiped it wont let me set it in game , nor will it let me change to the second type of ammo i have made.

Any and all help with this will be greatly appreciated ,as how I have been trying to wrap my skull around this for 3 days and this is as far as i have gotten.
needless to say i suck at scripting lol, even in SL i suck at it,but normally i am able to muddle along , but this is just making my head hurt , so yeah please help ?


I started a fresh project and the original script worked fine , but i still couldn't get this one to work??
this is confusing ,would you upload a demo?
"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
Sorry to hear you're confused exele: I'm a bit late to the party on this one but I'll see if I can put together a demo sometime next week when I have time.
"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
Can you tell me what it is you're trying to do there exactly Iceshattered? I think I know but the more info you can give me the easier it'll be for me to help you fix it.

From what I can tell given the screenshots you've provided, your setup results in the following:

1. Engineer has "Ammo" in place of the shield slot. This is set up correctly and should work fine.

2. The H&K VP70 will use weapon type 61 as its ammo. Considering you have WEAPON 61 set to "Bullets" I think you've misunderstood how this works. ammo_type_id expects the ID of a weapon TYPE as defined in terms, like "sword", "bow" etc. You'll have to create a new one called bullets and set it to that number.

3. You have a skill called "Bullets" which requires weapon type 10 equipped to use. linked_ammo_id won't do anything because it doesn't exist (there is a linked_ammo_ids which allows you to have specific items required for the skill instead of an ammo type).

So there are a couple of things it looks like you've misunderstood there, but hopefully I've cleared up what those tags actually do. If you have any other questions or I've misinterpreted what you were doing let me know.
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