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Save and Quit at any time

  • Metatron
  • 07/06/2012 08:15 AM
Quicksave v.1.1
by Metatron

This script recreates the functionality in many RPGs on handheld systems, where the player can save and quit their game at any time, and upon restarting, they will
be prompted to either load the file or to delete it and return to the title screen. If they load it, it is deleted.

-Replicates the autosave feature.
-Can add autosave to the menu.
-Can bind autosave to a key.


How to Use
Install the script and edit the module.

Updates and Patches
The most up-to-date version of the script can always be found here.

Not necessary.

- None so far.

Credit and Thanks
- Cryranos/Metatron, author.

Author's Notes
It is unlikely to be compatible with any script that alters SceneManager.first_scene_class, but other than that, it should be highly compatible.
You are free to use this in any project, so long as I am credited and receive a copy of any finished product.


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It may be late to note, but I am both Cryranos and Metatron, depending on which forum I post.
Can I use this for "commercial" use? By that I mean, can I use it in a contest entry game?
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