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A simple template that allows the player to allocate points to a stat of their choice.

UPDATE: v1.1 - Made script easier to customize, and optimized where possible.

This script launches a simple stat allocation scene that allows the player to select which stat to increase. This is my own interpretation of the system found in the game Summon Knight.

This scene is supposed to be called by events (like after boss battles), as a form of reward for completing something worthwhile, and was NOT designed to be a game's MAIN stat gain system. More of a way to gain bonus stats, really. Although it can be used as such if you want.


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Hmm sounds cool :) Im currently making a monster hatching/breeding/Training game.

I bet I can use this :) But only thing im wondering could I use the stat allocation system with other monsters in the party list or is it only locked to 1 actor, 1 variable ? My game is going to contain several monsters and you will be able to train all of them. is this possible with this script ? if so how do I get it to change variable for each monster who is going to be trained ?

I appreciate your work and your feedback on this :)
I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. Were you asking if you need separate variables for each party member? Or, if it is possible to handle multiple actors at the same time with each scene call?

If it's the former, then no. You only need one. The value you set in the script is the ID of the variable. That variable will then store the position of the target actor in the party.

If the latter, it's also a no. Not unless if you perform some modification on the script.
I try to describe my issue better.

For example. I atm have 3 monsters in my pty list. In my game you will be able to train them all for a specific coin amount.

If the script Id variable is set to that 1st monster. Ok then I can train that 1 monster lets say Slime monster. What if I want to train the other monster which is for example a Bat monster, How do I set up the stat allacation on the bat monster if the script is locked to the slime monster ID ? :)

Is it even possible? if no thank you so much for your help anyway :)
And thanks for the fast response :D
It is possible. You just need to use the 'Control Variable' command and set the value of the set variable to the position of the new target actor.

Just to clear things a bit: The value you set to VARIABLE inside the script is NOT the position of the actor in the party, but the ID of the variable that will hold the position of the actor.

Say you set VARIABLE to 68. Then, the script will take the value of Variable #68 and use that to determine which member of the party to target. To change the target, you just then have to change the value of Variable #68. You could do so using the aforementioned event command: 'Control Variables'.

I... hope I cleared things up :)
Wow you really did ! :) Thats amazing. Im so happy right now :) This script will rock my world ;) hehe. Then I can basically make a training event possible for every monster in my game. no matter how many ! Wow your script is amazing. Thank you for your help and your amazing scripts :)

And thanks btw for teaching me more about variable knowledge. You realle made me understand the whole concept of variables :) Its the only thing in rpgmaker I struggled with :)
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