Should be self-explanatory. When you use the attack command, your weapon unequips and is lost

I made the simplest form of this. The real thing would involve replacing all weapons with three sets.

First step:
-Turn (1x) in Monster Groups
-Branch if (Character) Fight used.
-Variable PartyMember (1 to whatever number party members, this is to identify who attacked)
-Common Event: Breakable Weapons

Second step:
- Make Common Event: Breakable Weapons
- Branch: if PartyMember is 1 (2, etc)
- Branch if (Character) IndestructibleWeapon equipped, End Event Processes
- Else
- Here you make the condition for break. You can have an event that adds or subtracts towards a limit, or you can have some sort of deal where you roll a random number over 100 or something. The first is just adding up and then when the built-up number is equal, it shatters (used up). The second, the random number chance would operate like this:
- Go back to the Monster Party page. On page 1, where I normally have Turn 0x for battle start events, assign a Monster Party level as a variable. Do this for each page.
- Go back to the Common Event, make BreakChance variable 1 to 100 (or 1000 if you want this uncommon). Set the Condition as if BreakChance is greater/equal to 100. This means, if your monsters are at level 1, the maximum you go is 101, giving you two chances to break, while attacking a level 80 monster group is a max chance of 180, meaning quite a few swords will break.

You know what, I might just do the latter. The other one I had it build up to a certain number of uses, but this works better.

I uhhh, can't explain this well, so I'll just do pictures.

Essentially, this is very open-ended, but you are making items either "degrade" by lowering a variable to 0, or randomly break as shown in the pictures above. In the following example, I tied it to a game hardness switch, so Hard or Medium mode broke weapons, but easy did not.


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This not only works (sorry, picture 3 should say Party Member 2) but I was able to make a weapon quality tier. Simply make a dummy hero (let's call it NevrasWeapon). Then if the quality of the weapon changes, rename it. Then check for it. So like, you have a weapon in Perfect shape, and you chip it, check for Perfect and rename it Used. Next time it gets hurt in battle, check for Used then make it Worn. When it's Worn, you can make it break. Voila! BotW weapons!
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