This is a re-designed evented, ABS battle system for RM2k/3.

I'm up to one of my crazy tutorials again. However, this tutorial is more than an action battle system, its completely re-designed so the enemy can utilize custom spells. There are updates and development notes on this tutorial, because it was designed for a magic, melee, and ranged battle system tutorial. I still haven't got everything done yet.

Submitted tutorial with basic Melee and Enemy magic skills

Starting the Tutorial
First, let me explain what we need for this tutorial to work. You MUST have all of these.

- A couple of variables
- A couple of switches
- A couple of good animations
- A couple of map events
- Useable menu system

Making the basic battle command
I'll follow Quiversee's tutorial on this, to create the basic battle command. Create a map event that is parallel process, with a trigger switch called "ABS MODE". Call the event "Action Battle System". Create a event in the map and call it "Animation".
Follow this code:

: Key Input Processing (0001: Password)
: Branch if Var (0001: Password) is equal to 5
: Variable Oper: (0002: Animation Appear X) Set, Hero X Coord.
: Variable Oper: (0003: Animation Appear Y) Set, Hero Y Coord.
: Branch if Hero Facing Up
: Variable Oper: (0003: Animation Appear Y) -, 1
: Else Handler
: Branch if Hero Facing Right
: Variable Oper: (0002: Animation Appear X) +, 1
: Else Handler
: Branch if Hero Facing Down
: Variable Oper: (0003: Animation Appear Y) +, 1
: Else Handler
: Branch if Hero Facing Left
: Variable Oper: (0002: Animation Appear X) -, 1
: End
: Change Event Location: Animation, (V0002, V0003)
: Show Battle Animation: ****, Animation
: Call Event: DMG Calculator

: End

Now, if you press enter, your hero will step forward very fast and slice. However, he won't do any damage until we create the DMG calculator event. We will do that, and then we will create the enemy's damage event so that the player can get damaged. Also, please make the "Animation" event above hero with the default graphic of the first tile in *Tileset. For the **** animation, you will need an animation to show.

Creating the Damage Calculator:
Create a new action key event on your map that the player can't reach. This event should be called DMG Calculator, and the event on the map should be called by the Action Battle System, nearly at the end of the event.

You will need your own battle algorithm to calculate the damage done by your character, but that's basically all of what you need. Insert your algorithm inside the ****A**** comment area. Create a enemy event but don't do anything in it yet, and name it Enemy1.

: Variable Oper: (0004: Animation X) Set, Animation X Coord.
: Variable Oper: (0005: Animation Y) Set, Animation Y Coord.
: Variable Oper: (0006: Enemy1X) Set, Enemy1, X Coord.
: Variable Oper: (0007: Enemy1Y) Set, Enemy1, Y Coord.
: Branch if Var (0004: Animation X) is (V0006) Equal
: Branch if Var (0005: Animation Y) is (V0007) Equal
: Branch if (0008: Enemy1 HP) is 1 Less
: Flash Sprite: Enemy1 (Don't Wait)
: Play SE: Monster2
: Change Experience: Entire Party +x
: Change Money: +x
: Switch Operations: Enemy1 Died ON
: End
: End

Do the above for every monster. Make sure you Subtract the damage you have done from the enemy variable that is new: (0008: Enemy1HP). Enter the X numbers as any number you would like above.

Setting up the Enemy Event
Alright, now, we go to and create the enemy event. On the first page, leave all the preconditions blank, except the Variable precondition for the variable (0009: Enemy Atk choice) is equal to 0. Make the Movement type to Custom Pattern, and make it do this in movement: Move Toward Hero. The trigger condition is Collision with Hero (or On Hero Touch (event,hero).) Note a comment to how much the enemy attack power is; and include this below. Make sure you insert your own animation in the **** spot.

Comment: Slime Attack: 26
Simulated attack: Entire Party with 26 attack power
Show battle animation: ****, Hero

The above is the code for a basic attack. Now, create a new parallel process event on your map, and make it do a wait for two seconds, and then, make a variable operations to variable: (0009: Enemy Atk choice) and make it a random number between 0 and 3. Now, make three more pages and insert the code above, but now make your own numbers for the attack and change animations. After you have coded all three pages that you have created, make one last page, with the switch precondition: Enemy1 Died - ON. The whole page should be blank and the graphic should be blank too.

Setting the enemy HP
This is the last final part of this tutorial so far. Make an auto-start event that sets the variable Enemy1HP to some number, and turn a switch called "added Hp 1" ON. Make a new page and set this page to action key with the precondition "added HP 1" that's on.

We are done. Currently, the player can only use a melee attack, but that will change. In the meantime, be ready for the next tutorial update, and you may have to tamper with some code for this one.


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wow, a couple of things here just might help me with my skill/spell system. Looking forward to seeing the next update.
This is really good!This could help me
with my Shoot and Slash game.
This is really good!This could help me
with my Shoot and Slash game.
I just found this! Glad to be your aid. This loks really well done!
It's really been a while... but no fear, Ranged and Magic attacks will be in this tutorial soon!
Wow, this has really helped! I can't wait for the Ranged and Magic attacks tutorial! Awesome job!
I really don't believe the Ranged and Magic attacks will be coming ever.
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