Cyberpunk Grave Digger



Breath Of Fire: The Dragon's Last Breath

looks grat

Breath of Fire: A Line Ended

Those sprites need a LOT of work. I suggest giving your descriptions of the characters to someone who's more talented with creating or editing sprites.

Also, the Chetrye clan? There are established clans in the BoF universe, and that isn't one of them. =)

there are established characters in bof2 as well. (ershin is not one)


tried to kaioken in tutorial battle against krillin and game crashed. too much non-canon power...


does whoever drew that have a deviantart or equivalent?


sk-skill tree?....dialogue..choices...? please...deliver game to my c drive asap

Space Funeral

congratulations catmitts! Space Funeral is now a "picked" game in the freeware database!
This is where I find a lot of cool games to play. good work! you did it! you beat the endgame!

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

The father of your wife's late unborn child was, in fact, Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode One: The Tides of Fate Version 5.0: Deluxe Edition

i just now found out that was a real title and not one you made up

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

hey now. nobody is saying "what is vacant sky." it's like spiderman. there are people who are saying "vacant sky savior of our gay internet wasteland" and then you have people like me who are j. jonah jameson. this is all detailed in my upcoming fanfic "how vacant sky made my wife miscarry" btw

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

yeah as long as auria and rayonne didn't realize she was an angel that would fix that particular aspect

I remember feeling like rayonne just didn't want auria prying into his personal business. which was fair, I thought, since auria is sort of a horrible judgemental person towards everyone. I feel like those scenes can definitely stay as is, but are not enough on their own.
Admittingly I only got the "canon" one of the good endings. After getting the main one, I didn't really have a desire to play the game again. I had read it involved rayonne, but didn't really care about his character enough to play again.

Yeah I got the sense that auria was stepping aside but it definitely seemed to me that rayonne and auria confirmed they had feelings for each other act the end of act 2 and to me there wasn't really a transition between "let's hook up" and "we cannot be together."
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