RTP Problems

What Dezz123 said is mostly correct, but I think the actual graphics and audio files (at least for me) seem to be in:
Program Files
Common Files

This is all from memory mind you, so I *may* be wrong. Still, I'm about 90% sure that's how it works.

rm2k3 Arrow Keys Don't Work

Is it just RM2K3? I have a similar problem with my computer, but it affects all the versions of RPGmaker (and nothing else).

Ambassador to Earth

This seems pretty creative and original, I'll give it a download.


This just looks awesome!

The Last Goddess

This looks like it could be pretty fun, I'll give it a download.


I always really liked the look of this map for some reason, a shame this game is cancelled I would have loved to be able to return here at some point.


This looks really good.

Arrow key glitch

so I doubt it could be something as obvious as joystick...
You would be surprised.

Sorry, what I meant what that I've been having this problem for a while now (a few months if I recall) and as far I can tell the only program that have this glitch are RPGmaker (other programs that use the arrow keys are unaffected). I've tried switching out my Keyboard with one I know works, that didn't help and I don't even own a joystick, game-pad, or anything else that would be messing with the input.

Not to say that I'm not grateful for your help, it was a good suggestion, but it would have been one of the first things I checked for.

Arrow key glitch

The glitch has been happening for a while now, restarting doesn't help. I don't have any problems with any other programs, just RPGmaker, so I doubt it could be something as obvious as joystick...

Arrow key glitch

Lately whenever I've been trying to play RPG maker games (2003, XP, VX, it doesn't matter) the up arrow key acts as though it is pressed down, regardless of whether or not it actually is. As far as I can tell it isn't a keyboard problem. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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