am just one heck of a battle loving gamer




lol dats it am downloading dis!


wow! great light effect

Princess Princess

A frontview battle system works just fine.
Anything else is preference, and I don't think it's anyone but the developer's place to say what works better for their game. (also your post was slightly cheeky, but maybe I'm being overprotective)

if that is what it sounded like i apologize

Princess Princess

usually when i see games i look for battlechars but in this game lol was a big disapointment after i saw those great artworks would be great if u change battle scene don't u think its boring just c texts instead of battle char?
if its not possible i understand

Magnus Legend: Magnick Saga

its a demo???? wow i wonder how big is full game gonna be o.o

Valor Emblem

any demo or full release? i loved FE and will love urs :D

Rise of Dragon Souls

demo pls ^^ (in english)

Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

ye dis game is great i am waiting for de full release too pls let us know when ^-^