If you ask me this one is better than the new one

Dragonheart VX

can you put out a demo soon

The Elemental Stories

just finished the new demo and please hurry on the next part,even my mom loves this

P.S.joshwa sounds a bit stuck up,but best RPG game I've played

The Elemental Stories

can you please bring out the 2 part of jason's story also I cried when the village was bombed

Screen 11.png

nice but can we see there faces

Sexual Harassment 1.png

i would slap him so hard he end up on the floor with no teeth

[Insert Title Here]

you should call this game witch hunt and I like your mapping

rpg problems

sorry I'm new,alright >:(


wow alot of pixies

The Elemental Stories

I found a bug. it makes jason invisible