Angel Painting

Thank you!

Angel Painting

I start the game, can't go anywhere but straight, the monster comes, and immediate game over. So what now? How do get past this section?

Starlancer Six

Oh my, Starlancer! I loved this game, always wished for more.

Lakewood Story: Episode 1

No saving, info dumping right up front, it is fairly obvious you revised the game, but didn't adjust the dialogue to reflect that, you start on the bridge, but Jane talks about waking you up?
It feels incredibly incomplete, you need someone to go over all your text and fix it.
You tell everything that happened to the town up front,the phone calls remove any since of isolation, you have a tether to the outside, I wouldn't mind in the right type of game, but everything else just prevents any since of . . . anticipation? thrill? fright? I'm not sure, but unless there is a serious overhaul, I have no urge to play this again, even though I did not complete it, nor would I play the next chapters.


I've tried brute forcing all the numbers on the floor, left to right. It didn't work, did you change the code on the toolbox? I can send all the ones I've tried.


I agree with datau, that tip didn't help, I'm still stuck at the toolbox.
It really is a nice game, and I'm enjoying it, but the toolbox is frustrating.


One of my favorites, I may be making a red-eye plushie. . .

The Visitor

My AVG marked the download as malicious, you might want to look into that.


No kidding, when I played I was like, poor Tina, your parents must have hated you so.

Looking for a very old RM2k japanese game

Sounds like that game by Theodore, I think that's who did it.
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