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1. New blood
2. The floor creeks
3. Finally saved

Episode 1:
December 20, 2011 a fire raged in the town of Lakewood many people died there where
no survivor's where found, the search party looked for days and found nothing a week after that on the news. A couple went past Lakewood on their way on holiday, family said they never heard from them ever again. They say they get phone call's at night

with the women screaming blue murder on the phone.The police could not get to the bottom of it so they put the CIA in control, and sometimes the family of the couple would see them in their house taking knives and stabbing them selves. An can still hear their call's in the houses halls.

Episode 2:
-In the making-
Episode 3:
-Coming soon-

This game is rated 18 for strong language and it will scare the crap out of you. But don't play if you prone to night terrors and are against ghosts. Use the toilet before you play please.

This game is a first to NecromireGames the past 2 where and okay to play but this one will be loads more intensive this will have maximum horror in it and a lot of swearing and you will feel the chills down your spine.

Name: Jason Cotwal
Ranking: Detective
Relationship: Divorced
He was married to Julie Cotwal she died in a car accident, from then he never stopped working, he worked day in and day out. Till one day Colt, Jason's boss gave him a case to go out and find out about the fire and missing person's from Lakewood, so he did arrive but what secrets is in store for him in Lakewood.

Name: Jane Parsons
Ranking: Agent
Relationship: None
Her and Jason have worked long together they where partners back in 09, she came to work one night and Colt told her
to go and assist Jason at Lakewood. She arrived there and saw blood everywhere, and she raced into a house and found Jason sleeping and sweating. But the town of Lakewood also has her number.


Dark gaia for One Night 2
RR Revolution

VE lights effects
Footstep noise
Gripping story line
Little demonic girls
Episode sequels
Swearing....Rated M for mature 18+
You can literally feel the scare

Please play in the dark with earphones....if you brave enough.

Lakewood story is all rights reserved by NecromireGames any copy cats or name stealer's and such will be flushed down the toilet....XD But Lakewood story belongs to NecromreGames

Bug fixes
Item linked
Town has more places to explore
Map tinting
Flashlight is on when you in the building

the demo v1.0 is almost fixed and will be available soon.

Latest Blog

Lakewood story blog

This blog will keep you up to date with newest updates to the game and new demo releases. Also you can discuss normal talk about that game like wow it looks promising and this game is the next one night so on and so forth, this is as much as my blog as it is yours so talk away point out faults of the game. Criticise about it and let me know if it is not scary enough.


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I'm a dog pirate
Looks solid. I approved, though the rule is three in-game screenshots. So if you could upload another gameplay screenshot ASAP, that would be great. Thank you.
Just made a new map and let me tell you it scared the crap out of me. XD
New screenshots coming soon even scarier
Make sure to save some for the game~ :3
Yeah don't worry there is a lot more in the game. :)
This game brings a whole new scare to horror
I loves me some horror, so I'll be happy to critique the demo when it comes out, but I do want to say a couple of things in advance.

1) Grammar and punctuation are a hassle to learn. I am not in any way going to try and deny that. I avoided them as best I could for as long as I could, and then grudgingly started to work them into my writing. Unfortunately, they're extremely important when it comes to communicating, and spelling and grammar problems will often pull a reader out of the flow of a story. Just from looking at the main page and screen shots, you have some comma issues. The rule of thumb with commas is this: read what you wrote out loud. Put a comma anywhere you paused briefly, and a period anywhere you paused for a breath. It's not a flawless rule, but it does help.

2) I like the fact that you have CIA involved in the story. It gives it a nice X-Files/Delta Green kinda vibe, and I'm a total sucker for stuff like that. I do feel obliged to point out that it's a little weird for the CIA to be involved in a domestic op. Usually the CIA are for external matters, and the NSA and FBI are for internal matters. Scully and Mulder, for example, were FBI. Ultimately, it's your story, and there may well be a reason to have the CIA involved, but I wanted to mention this anyways.

3) I like a lot of the little details that you've set up. The suicidal ghosts, the unexplained fire, etc. Little details can go a long way towards creating some really potent horror. That said, one of the most important rules in writing is "show vs tell." It's very easy to tell your audience something. Example: "Susan felt sad." It's much harder to show the audience something. Example: "Tears streamed down Susan's face, and she averted her eyes when she saw me."

In your teaser, you do a lot of telling the audience that they're going to be scared. I think you're undercutting yourself here. The more you tell someone that they're going to be scared, the less they're likely to be (unless they're tied up and you're brandishing a knife, but then circumstance is everything.) It's much better to show that your game is scary by giving them details from the story, just enough to whet their appetite for the plot, and then withholding the rest. You also don't need to tell them (and especially not so many times) that this is going to be scary. Let your game speak for itself. It seems like it has a lot of potential.
Thanks for the post yeah I will stop its scary and stuff, but my game at some points scare me even if I know what's coming just does but thanks for the post I will let the game speak from now on. And I promise you this game is worth waiting for the plot is so deep you can you can scream at it and 2 Min later the voice will come back with a wow I ain't going down there so yeah this game is buzzing. I love it my first game that I made besides the other 2 is buzzing. And I am looking forward to the demo and what the public has to say about it.
Once again my projects are not busy with comments and stuff I don't know why I try to make games if they don't even create some sort of buzz
Once again my projects are not busy with comments and stuff I don't know why I try to make games if they don't even create some sort of buzz
Lol, never think about popularity! (As learned from reading Bakuman..) Just keep making what you want to make, and people will comment if they want to, just give it time. :)

Buzz, or no buzz you're still giving contributions to the gaming world, and we the players give our advice whenever necessary~
Thanks for the support people like you are a great help. I will continue Lakewood I'm already so far and you seem to like it so yeah thanks.
Should I make a demo or must I just release the episode one shot.
Should I make a demo or must I just release the episode one shot.
How long is episode 1? If it's not a very long game episode, I would release it.
Remember to test a-many :D
True...true it will be about 3 hours play or so depends if I run out of ideas but it has been promising game so far and I think I will send out a public demo and then the full version.
I just finished the BETA version of Episode 1
Gonna start playing it.
I'll also post some videos providing my feedback.
To my channel:
The game scared me a few times. Good job on that. Now your mapping had a lot of problems. The tileset Passibility is pretty bad. To add, *small spoiler*
why the fuck would my characters split up at the end. I only have one gun, and it's a pretty bad horror cliche to end off the demo.

But goodjob so far!
Yeah I know but who says she does not get a weapon later on. And I have a lot more in store for you guys this was just the intro to the Series. The mapping yeah I saw that Ill fix that asap but thanks for thinking its a good job.
Yeah I know but who says she does not get a weapon later on. And I have a lot more in store for you guys this was just the intro to the Series. The mapping yeah I saw that Ill fix that asap but thanks for thinking its a good job.
Something I would look into doing is...
make that ghost split up the two somehow. Don't have the characters split up like they NEVER watched a horror movie in their live. That final plot point made me sigh in their stupidity, and I'm not exactly a horror fan.
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