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Advanced AI Conditions
This script allows the developper to exert better control on how the AI handles the enemies' action patterns.
02/13/2015 10:58 AM
Random Basic Battle Modifications
A collection of basic battle-related stuff made easier to modify
01/16/2015 09:27 PM
Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar
Boss can now have a multi-layer health bar.
01/05/2015 12:03 PM
Conjure Weapons in battle
Spells now allow you to equip magical weapons in battle.
01/05/2015 12:01 PM
Learn skills from items
Equipment can contain spells which are learned forever after killing X enemies.
11/24/2014 12:03 PM
Enemy AI - Checks & Tables
Change how enemies select their attacks.
11/24/2014 12:01 PM
Rare Enemies
Gives player a chance to encounter rare version of the enemy in battle.
11/24/2014 12:01 PM
Simple Battle Rows
Player has 2 rows to use in battle. Members in back row take less damage.
11/24/2014 11:58 AM
One Soul Battle System
A Battle System Fitting for All Solo Playing Games
08/21/2014 06:14 PM
Magic Critical Orpheus
This script allows the developer to create a Magic Critical chance and damage.
08/13/2014 05:33 PM
RGSS3 – Eliminate Weaker Spells
Eliminate weak spells, master higher spells!
03/23/2014 10:22 AM
Soul Engine Ace - Dragon / Enemy Evocation
This script allows you to transform into a different actor image and skill list. This mimics somehow the transformation done on Breath of Fire. However, the skill list is taken from the enemy and not the actor.
03/07/2014 10:36 PM
Soul Engine Ace – Enhanced Battle Commands
Greatly improves the graphical aesthetics of the game’s commands.
03/06/2014 03:41 PM
Soul Engine Ace – Overdamage
Creates an Overkill and Overpower skill.
03/06/2014 03:39 PM
Soul Engine Ace – Battle Algorithms
Different working algorithms for damage calculations.
03/06/2014 03:38 PM
Soul Engine Ace – Gameover States
If all party members are inflicted with a Gameover State, the game ends.
03/06/2014 03:37 PM
Soul Engine Ace - Battle Common Events
Allows the use of common events during battle.
03/06/2014 03:35 PM
Soul Engine Ace - State Skills Requirement Script
Allows a Skill that can only be activated when the User / Caster has a specific state.
03/06/2014 03:34 PM
Soul Engine Ace – Actor Battlers
Allows Battlers in Battle.
03/06/2014 03:32 PM
Soul Engine Ace - Soul Battle Core
Holds all variables and functions to allow all Battle Scripts for Soul Engine Ace to work. (Some are independent scripts)
03/06/2014 03:31 PM
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Battle Systems
Modifications, enhancements or replacements for the default battle system
Bug Fixes
Fixes to the default scripts
Custom Scenes and Windows
Addition of new scenes or features, or modification to non-menu/non-battle scenes
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Modifications or enhancements to database elements, such as skills, actors, equipment, states, etc...
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Modifications or enhancements to events, event commands, characters or vehicles, character movement, or mini-games
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Modifications to the graphical and/or functional layout of the default menu scenes
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A script that does not conform to the other categories
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A compilation of several inter-related scripts
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Tools for aiding in the development of scripts
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Modifications or enhancements to the engine itself