Made by Bizarre Monkey, it's my first script.

Okay, so if any of you guys have played my game you may have noticed the transition is instant, that is my very first script, and since this site (to my knowledge, haven't been here long.)doesn't have a large deposit of scripts, I thought I made add a simple one by me. It's for VX and it might work for XP, don't know. Never tried.
What it does.
It vanquishes the fade in and fade out that happens during a regular Transition. The Fade in and Fade Out event commands still function.
You can make transitions with tint screen, flash screen, and animations. You could be even more creative and do it with pictures or other stuff.
I made a neat demo too. Here you go.

# By: Bizarre Monkey
# This Script instantly tranfers the player without the fadein/fadeout look.
# You can still, however, do it through the event command.

class Scene_Map < Scene_Base
# Player Transfer Processing
def update_transfer_player
return unless $game_player.transfer?
fade = (Graphics.brightness > 0)
fadeout(0) if fade
@spriteset =
fadein(0) if fade

This should have no compatibility issues with any scripts, due to its nature.


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THANK YOU this is what I wanted the most :D but try using
 [code]code tag[/code]
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
code tag

Where code tag = the script? That's what I did.

It's doing double lines and being all stupid. I don't know whats going on.

I'm glad your happy with it though. Have fun.

wow, thats weird, use two of the "code" and two "/code" tags and it compresses it all together neaty, if you don't it has double spaces, thats kind of silly. Oh well... it should work now.Nevermind, this site is just showing it as that in the editor, when I submit it and reload the pgae it still has an empty line between each line of code, like this


# Player Transfer Processing


Why does it do that? and it prints it just like that in rpgmaker script editor. Is there something I'm missing or is this site's framework kind of... stupid?

Oh and hide tags do not work... at all

These need to work dudes, you're site is pretty popular and crowded, you can do it, bro. You can be making this hapen.

See? they don't work, you can see the "show" button, you click it and it does nothing.

I didn't mean to double post, the site, like I have said, is like nothing I have used before, but I suppose there has to be a unique snowflake somewhere.

Just wish some important features like spoilers worked, you know? It's kind of important. (There could be something I'm missing, I do the basic "hide" and then after the text "/hide" where " = [

If the script doesn't work, grab the demo and get it from it, the demo shows off a neat common event too. :)
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Tried to edit and accidentally double-posted, please disregard this.
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