A compilation of general-use scriptlets.

  • Marrend
  • 03/02/2023 01:18 PM
This is a compilation of scriplets that I tend to use for all of my MZ projects. This compilation entails the following functions.

-Normalizes actor EXP growth into something akin to D&D 3rdE's curve.
-Removes LUK as a factor from determining state application.
-Adds LUK as a factor in determine critical hit amounts.
-Adds a "rest_all" script-call to restore health/mana/status to all available actors, even if they are not in the party.
-Enables CTRL as a fast-forward button for text.

Terms of use:
This compilation is for use in any commercial, or non-commercial game. Compatibility with other scripts/plugins were not taken into consideration when writing this, so, if you do have issues that arise from that, my ability to assist may be hampered, but will still be considered on a case-by-case basis.

While I do not currently ask for monetary recompense, I would, humbly, ask that I am credited in your project if this compilation is used. The precise details can be up to the end-user, but, I would prefer to be credited by my username, "Marrend", in this case.

Points of contact:
The preferred point of contact is through RMN. So, posting here, or use RMN's messaging service would be sufficient. I also dip in and out on RMN's Discord channel at times, and can also be contacted on that platform. My user ID on Discord is Masako#3234.

First, register the plugin into your project's Plugin Manager. That's... really all that's needed for this compilation to run. Fine-tuning the EXP curve, or how much LUK is a factor in determining critical hit damage are not plug-in parameters, but can be altered in the source code.


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