In honor of’s fourth birthday, and to celebrate our awesome users which have helped keep the site going, we are going to have an official site contest on June 3rd, 2011*.

The contest will take the form of a 4-hour game making event in which users will have four consecutive hours to make a game and submit it to be judged. To make the contest more accessible to everyone the game can be created during any block of four hours on June 3rd as long as it gets submitted by the deadline. Yes, this means we will be using the honor system – please don’t take the internets too seriously. There will be a theme for the contest that will be revealed at midnight on June 2nd, 2011.

All contestants will receive achievements and the winner will receive a monetary prize ($25). Losers will receive a complimentary t-shirt** and the sudden realization that they are forever alone on a Friday night. We may see what else we can scrounge up for participants.

- no restrictions on engine or graphics
- the 24 hour period will be for June 3rd central time zone
- the event period has now been switched to 4-hours per kentona's suggestion.
- people shouldn't back out because they can't make an "epic" or "worthwhile" game in the 4-hours. Most attempts are either end up being humorous or have some other gimmick. Develop them further after the deadline if you like.

We are having a 4-hour game making contest on June 3rd with a CASH MONEY prize.

* Yes, we realize officially launched on June 2nd, 2007, but we felt that having this on a weekend night may make the contest more accessible.
** Not really.

Click to reveal the theme

"Sequels that should never be made, but that we will make anyways."

REMEMBER - once you know the theme, you have 4 hours to complete your entry! Don't forget to mention that your submission is for the 4-hour contest to help it move quickly through the submission queue!

So we're like three weeks late and for that I apologize. I played many (but not all) the games during the initial weekend period but didn't communicate very well. I also have some very different ideas on how to handle similar events in the future, and some suggestions on some more serious events we will try. However, there were a decent number of responses and some of the games were actually playable!

So without further ado, the winner is...


Fire Emblem 6 - TILoRtQatQfP

That makes Dyhalto the winner of a $25 prize. Contact me via PM to arrange payment and/or to select a charity of your choice to receive the funds.

I'll be honest, the game had a couple of things going for it from the start, like the fact that it was crafted with the Sim RPG Maker 95 engine, of which I love. I was the author of the original English translation patches and spent a lot of time testing the engine back in golden days of the internet. It was a unappreciated maker, but one that had a lot of good ideas that would be picked up in later incarnations of the RPG Maker series. It's definitely aged better than its RPG Maker 95 counterpart.

I am also a big fan of strategy/tactical RPGs though I have never played a Fire Emblem game before. The game was an unbalanced mess but was still pretty fun to play. Some of the units were dramatically overpowered and some were practically worthless. The dialogue was intentionally nonsensical. However, it was pretty cool how new units kept appearing during battle – more than once I found myself redirecting units to prevent surprise flanks.

Fire Emblem 6 - TILoRtQatQfP was ranked the top birthday game by two of the three judges, and was ranked number two by the other.

Runner-up was the RPG Maker 2003 game Sinfonia by Max McGee. It was pretty cool to have an actual attempt at a proper game in a contest obviously designed for blatant use of comedy and tropes.

I'll let the other judges chime in with their thoughts on the games if they are interested.




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puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Well, my first idea was to make a sequel to one of my own games, or maybe someone else's RM game.

But then I decided to make a crossover:

Pokémon Center: Dungeoneer

Development blog
06:48 - Checked the theme
06:50 - Pokémon Brothel?
06:52 - Download from charas project
06:53 - rethink
06:55 - Space Funeral?
07:08 - Pokemon center: Dungeoneer
07:15 - graphics
08:45 - Coding damage
09:07 - Endings and bugs
09:36 - Title screen and intro
09:51 - Finishing touches
09:56 - RTP independent
10:01 - More finishing touches and testing
10:22 - I'm done!

10:31 now

Now I gotta brush my teeth and eat.

Oh... wow...
This is not far I have been trying to submit my game on time. its been taking me forever just to put it on this website.
This is not far I have been trying to submit my game on time. its been taking me forever just to put it on this website.

Have you added 3 pictures to your submission?
So, do I need a gameprofile or not? The game is already in my locker. If I do, please tell me and I'll make one when I get home (which should be late).
yeah you can find it in the game list I just cant submit it. its called I am ledgend
This is not far I have been trying to submit my game on time. its been taking me forever just to put it on this website.
Have you added 3 pictures to your submission?

what did you do to submit your game. I played it its good.
star wars- corusant politics saga

(totally not eligible for the prize because I read the theme and the work day just started but I don't care because fuck you I made star wars)
what did you do to submit your game

Now that your gamepage is approved, you'll have to select your game under manage games, and then add a download, which will be pending until approved as well.
Well I've finished with proberly the worst game ever to grace RMN.
Okay. 11:26 local time and I'm starting.
Move Zig! Move Zig!
It's 16:36 here, so I doubt I can get the game done (without it sucking).
Plus, I can't think of a game to make a sequel to. ._.
Maybe next time though.
I officially started at 16:30 I will conclude at 20:30. :)

I started at 8:00, and just finished my game profile a few minutes ago at 11:55. Whew! I cut it close!

EDIT: I wish It'd hurry up and pend!
Yeah after about 3 hours working on my game and over 10 hours of trying to get it up on the site I final did it. yeah to me.
Yellow Magic
I'll never regain the bones I lost from my loneliness and sorrow
Starting at 18:30 GMT. Still can't think of a game though :(
omgwtfbbq I hate you chrome you lagged way too much and I just clicked the Sign Up button by mistake D:<<<<<

Well whatever, I wasn't really planning on doing this but I kind of wanted to :\ uggghhhh

EDIT -- Oh gosh better get going on this before it's way too late. Started at around 8:30 EST? ^^
I'm mourning the death of my Fragile Hearts demo, which was brutally murdered by Windows 7 security last night. Will not take part :(
Guys it is just about sequels. It doesn't have to be a sequel to a game

(make Spore 2: Have a character creator and the most boring gameplay bam done)

(make fun of the Star wars prequels or Indiana Jones and the Horrible Disaster. Or Star Trek Voyager.)
Now I'm wondering what kind of game you could make if it was a sequel to something that doesn't exist

Okay, time's up.
Only got a tiny hint of it done. Didn't even get to play test the second chapter so it's probably filled to the brim with bugs. Maybe I'll pick it up in the future.

On another note, what a bunch of babies. "Wah. I don't gots ideas." Not a lot of creativity going on there. Good luck to everybody whose not chickening out.

edit : Game profile creates and screenies uploaded. It's "Fire Emblem 6 - TILoRtQatQfP". I'm going to work now, so I won't be able to properly submit to the contest until tommorrow.

edit2 : Dammit. It doesn't fit in my locker. 12 megs >_< I'll have to upload the actual project tommorrow morning too. Oh well. At least the screenshots are time stamped.