Personally I'd like to see them dabble in some more 2D games. I know they're huge in the 3D, but I find their 2D RPGs had a lot more charm and the worlds were a lot easier to get immersed in (that and since money wasn't all going to graphics/systems, there was a bit more time spent on the real meat of RPGs - character, plot and world building). I kinda miss that there aren't as many 2Ds around. I prefer the style a lot more than realistic. :<
e: Square sunk a massive amount of time and capital making FF14 a not-awful game and it turned out pretty well! That and Bravely Default have done wonders for reinspiring faith in them again (although I hope they edge away from AAA game development because it hasn't been working well with them so far)

That would be what comments re: Yoshida were referring to. ;) Have you read the transcripts of his presentation at the GDC recently? He ripped into Square Enix pretty heavily for their methodology since the PS2 era in his explanation of how they managed to save FF14 (and keep the company afloat in doing so).

And Liberty, expect something closer to that - that's part of what Yoshida ripped into them for: his example was the prettiest little flowerpot ever made.

He bit into them fairly heavily about having a very focused frame of mind that, to most of their customers, didn't work and in fact lead to troubles - insane graphics that pressed the system they were on, but, in fact, didn't provide much to the overall gameplay.

The way he phrased this final slide seemed like he was talking about not just the FF14 team, but Square Enix has a whole:

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I wouldn't sweat it.

That is certainly interesting, but I am hoping to make something more on the commercial level. I suppose as long as I don't go around advertising then there won't be a problem.
Good to see someone has their head back on straight a bit at least. Here's hoping it hasn't come too late. I'd be sad to see Square vanish.

arcan, did you ever check out the Befuddle Quest games? IIRC kentona did that in one of them and it was pretty neat. :D

What I'm wondering is why I always think they're called Befuddlement Quest? >.<;

Ahahahahahahahaha, I heard about this but thought it was a joke or hyperbole. Should've known better based on how FF13's FMVs felt like they were made before the narrative was finalized. Piles and piles of manhours pumped into stuff that looked mediocre.

Shit, look at this crap from FF14 1.0. (and more than just the map design too)

I'll have to check his presentation out, Yoshi knows what's up when it comes to making video games. (Found a summary to it here for those interested)

Personally I think Square should give the fixed camera of the PS1 FFs another shot. It was always one of the better looking parts of those games (being prerendered and not handicapped by the PS1 helped), but now with the horsepower to actually render the world. The single camera angle helps a ton with budget and manhours to make it look good barring putting 1k tris in a flower pot again and you can do a lot for conveying a mood or atmosphere of a scene with the camera position instead of the 'always behind' camera of FF10. And since the world is rendered when its time to pan the camera to show ShinRa Tower you don't have to switch to an FMV, just move the camera and have the environmental artists spend some extra time on what can be seen during that camera pan. Instead of everything if the camera what something you could poke into every little corner.

I wouldn't mind seeing a 2d game by them that has actual effort put into it but my expectations are pretty slim there. FF4TAY cannibalized FF6's sprite work like it was an RM game and the less said about the mobile FF games and their horrible take on character sprite work on those the better. Fucking abysmal.

Camera gif!
Having a signature is too mainstream. I'm not part of your system!
arcan, did you ever check out the Befuddle Quest games? IIRC kentona did that in one of them and it was pretty neat. :D

I definitely remember making an entry for one of the earlier ones. I'm kind of curious how you can make that game one player and how close it is to the original. I can kind of tell that some features were left out. I'd like to see him try to implement longest road :D

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