I noticed that too, but then I got HYPED on having a broken pole instead. My forest is haunted, so it works!
Could do I suppose... Maybe I will edit it and just put one in... I'm not sure
Not sure if that's allowed. There was a hell of a lot wrong with this chip,
that I would have switched out with the Rudra Forest chipset that I
personally use. Either way, I'm about to send in my submission.
Seeo happens to be featured in the beginning of this thing.
I added a little Chaos Generations stuff just for fun.
May the worst mapper lose,

Guys....it says in the rules you may edit the tileset as you like. I'm editing mine, because this chipset sucks as there's too many clashing tiles.
I like the sound of this but i'm not entering since i suck at these things. We do get to see the maps members have made don't we?
RMN sex symbol
Yeah you do DD, and Holy just because you said that I'm going all out to beat Neo haha. Give the money to someone else though If I make a top placing.
author=myersguy link=topic=1044.msg14968#msg14968 date=1210126750
Could do I suppose... Maybe I will edit it and just put one in... I'm not sure

Might sound draft but I just took the top of the left pole and put it on the right side XD. It makes it look like the top is wonky/ broken a bit, its looks quite good if thats the effect your going for (Which I am).

and yes the chipset could be a lot better. Part of the challenge I guess.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
My submission is being FTPed right now. I didn't edit the chipset, the entire thing is an externally-solved riddle, the map is only 20x20 and it features singing. It's also the creepiest RM* "game" ever made.


'kay, uploaded and whatnot:

Just to make note, I don't believe the PM system is functioning perfectly at the given time. Several members have reportedly sent their submissions to me through such, but I've yet to receive their uploads.

Therefore, you have the option of simply sending these to Myself/Karsuman via AIM, MSN or IRC, or simply post them on the deadline date.
Well, here's my entry!

And of course, a screenshot.

One thing to note, there is a little story sort of mini game in there. It should be said that there is no way to actually lose at the mini game. There are six possible outcomes of the story game! Also, the story game is kind of a rip off of Final Fantasy 9's similar sidequest. ^_^
Wow chartley, that's not bad. I personally got annoyed of the transparent bushes, but that's just me. Also I found that after a while the glows were a bit of a bother too. Nonetheless, so far I think you've got my vote.
Yo Blind? Seeing as you're not the only judge. Should I put the link to my entry here?
Or were you going to send it to the others?

FUCK! I just found out that my map dimensions were set to 45 X 100. I jmade this awesome map and now it's useless and I need to find a way to resize it. *FURIOUS*
Don't bother, if you haven't already. We really don't need to be that meticulous about it. =]
... you must be joking...


I already changed the map size, so everything is already gone that was there. Nonetheless, it's 15 bucks, I'm not that worried about it. I'm just changing things around in the map now, and we will see how it goes.
author=myersguy link=topic=1044.msg15526#msg15526 date=1210297720
Nonetheless, it's 15 bucks, I'm not that worried about it.

Some sources tell me that it might be slightly more than that.


Anyways, it's not as nice as before, but my map doesn't look too bad right now. Still have quite some work to be done (and not much time to do it :o)
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
wait what

If it IS more than $15 I take back my "oh pass it on" statement earlier~
Yo i'm finished, how can I upload this? I don't quite get the whole FTP thing. Fliehosting sites won't let me upload the whole folder 0_0 (I'll rather not send it via email.)

Is there anywhere I can try?