author=Little Wing Guy link=topic=1044.msg15965#msg15965 date=1210531116
...walking in and out the forest was cool though!

Thanks, that was the one thing I liked too. Other than that, I know I'm a bad mapper, so.
Yeah man, the problem with the opaque color in the corners is because the base of the tree is in the lower layer tileset when it should be in the upper layer. It's a bad chipset, but I didn't feel it was necessary to edit it so it was in the upper layer, which would cut out tons of other things. That foliage trap I actually noticed. I guess you mean you can walk under the tree? I certainly couldn't walk on top of it.

myersguy: I liked the music man. No really, I did. I used that RTP song in my first game, and that other song is very familiar as well(Power Trip!).
As for the map, it really needs some work! I suggest taking a look at the entries that everyone else has put up and learn from them. You didn't have any passability issues though, so you did good!

Ambience and atmosphere - 2
Playability & coherence - 3
Aesthetic appearance - 2
Function and navigability - 4
Use of sound design - 2
Originality/Uniqueness - 2
Miscellaneous elements - 2

Overall: 17/35
Oh come on man, give him an 18 at least! Then he passes! You're like those really really mean teachers that fail their students with a 49%

(I'm only joking by the way!)

I'm pretty certain I'm not supposed to be there :P
I didn't do too well, damn...
Anyways, I'll edit this post with
my nominations soon.

Glad people like mine so far. :)
Those who pointed out the limited mobility would be right though, as I started making the map and forgot to add paths and such, so I kinda just threw some in.

Also, did anyone finish the story? There is an actual end in the map, though it is kind of rushed.(I had to move out of college, not enough time to do what I wanted). It is just through talking to people though.

I am starting to play through them now, I will try and write something up later tonight or tomorrow.
I finished it (I talked to people after I was done exploring, so I talked to the people at the far end of the map first and worked my way back) and I got killed for it :(
Stupid Creators, being such huge jerkwads.
I finished it too! Was there a way to not get killed?
No, sorry. I had it more planned out but didn't have time to flesh out the story.

Ok, here we go:

Little Wing Guy:
I liked the humor in it, and the minigame wasn't to bad. I liked the idea of the fatigue. The map was niceley done, but very confusing. That may have been intended for the minigame, but nonetheless I found myself wishing I was at least walking faster to make sure a way was correct. Overall pretty good.

I like shiny objects and things that sparkle. I especially liked your water. There where some pretty big passability issues.I liked the design though, it felt very foresty.

As others have said, I like how interactive it is. It felt like you kind of
came into the middle of a story, but I liked that. Sound effects where
nicely used (total opposite of mine haha)
Mappingwise, It was a good map, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was well enough made though, and everything in it came together nicely. (and I love that spaceship!)

I liked it. It was a nice smaller map, and I liked the cliffs in it.

For the life of me I can not figure this thing out. I tried a bunch,
but I suck at riddles. Map wise, it was fairly generic, and not all that interesting to look at. I liked the singing though, defiantly unique and cool.

I thought you got the atmosphere pretty good here, that kind of rainy and dreary forest. The music and overlay helped bring it all together. The map itself was good, I enjoyed walking around in it, but I really wish I could of opened up those treasure boxes!

Very cool fantasy feel to it. Defiantly one of the most unique. Some of the
color changing bothered me a bit, but it wasn't so bad. I really liked
the story thing, I thought that was cool and well told. Map design was
good, if not a little simpler than some of the others.


The map is very square and seems artificial, try making things not so
straight. Also, I think some more trees and grass types and plants may have
helped. I liked the rock jumping though!

It is a hard choice, I really liked all of them. But I think I will have to go with these:
Neophyte and Sion.

I thought everything in Neophytes came together nicely and I enjoyed walking around in it, and for Sion, I thought he captured the atmosphere nicely and I thought it was an interesting design.
author=Little Wing Guy link=topic=1044.msg15965#msg15965 date=1210531116
The glow was awesome, never seen anything like that before, such a nice mystical effect to it. I don't think theres anything to complain about. Though I didn't try every order the minigame was cool.

You should check out some of JPC's stuff. Chartley's map really reminds me of his maps.
My apologies, but I haven't the will to do this right now. I will spare you details; suffice to say that I'm fairly certain that I'm completely insane at this point.
You should check out some of JPC's stuff. Chartley's map really reminds me of his maps.

I won't pretend I wasn't inspired. ;)
I'd nominate Chartley and Neophyte.

Chartley, your map impressed. Always a fan of atmosphere, with great overlays and good use of tinting the screen. Usually, overlays and stuff are used to hide people's inability to create good maps, but you took it and used it correctly. Good job on that, bro.

Neo's game was pretty sweet. The mapping looked good, I liked the edits, and the picture effects and sense of urgency was well done. Good job NEO-FIGHT, now release your actual game you asshole. ;D

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I'd just like to say that the riddle has been solved 1.9 times already.

Also the Nun Lady is lying....
RMN sex symbol
A lot better comments then I thought I would get haha, seriously? I'd nominate Neo's an iamnot, just a cut above the rest, unless I have to explain why?
Craze, I totally solved your riddle. ;)
It was kind of a give away when you said "externally solved riddle". ^_^
author=Chartley link=topic=1044.msg15981#msg15981 date=1210537190
Oh come on man, give him an 18 at least! Then he passes! You're like those really really mean teachers that fail their students with a 49%

(I'm only joking by the way!)

A quick bribe always does the trick. Seriously, when i was at school a kid slipped the teacher a $20 note to pass his grade up to 50%. Kid got expelled from the school and i don't think he got his 20 back. ;D

Anyway, these are all pretty good descent looking maps. I await the final results.
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So whats the verdict on this, who won?
author=Tau link=topic=1044.msg16502#msg16502 date=1210779622
So whats the verdict on this, who won?

Isn't the process of crafting a map a reward in itself? :P

Karsuman and myself were delayed slightly due to our own personal business, so I apologize for the wait. Presumably, the results will be revealed within the week. I am contemplating the elimination of member voting, simply because I believe having the judges directly examine the submissions would be the best idea. It would ultimately have to had been within the top-three in terms of nominations, though.